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Group: T-Translators

Tiz Translators
Roms,Games,Softwares Translators Group
join us if you are a translator or if you want to translate.

my humble site is under development soon gonna have tools for hacking and translating

Too worried about \|Linux.. http://www.ysutopia.net/projects/ys4/ and have a good read.. be back later when you decide what you are doing!!!

BACK again.. check out for what you may need.. Trust me..


I had to go away.. from myself.... Just flipped on Saturday.. I am ok now.. (needed space - vented in wrong direction) .. Sorry.

BACK if accepted.. found out some stuff.. Am I welcome back ? Are external links accepted. ?

QUIT.. pissed off with the morons here.. Gonna go elsewhere and help them out.. Good luck anyway and take care.. (NOTHING at all to do with you).. read some of my posts regarding Trackmania.. now deleted and upping to Mega.nz which is a LOT faster for someone that appreciates it.. FULL and FREE (virus free too).. get that from your google search.. I know where to find you anyway.. ;)

BTW... who's the handsome bot ?? Looks like him from Big Hero 6 ;)

What are we going to put here?
I can probably sort out GFX rippers or write own if needed. Can hex edit and use assemblers/dis-assemblers.. I know 6502 and 68000 assembly.. Can decode/understand c files with a little help. Got emulators ready for using software I know on laptop. Don't know any other language other than Eng.. a little French maybe.. I think I'm the tech guy here sorting out code tables, where they reside, etc...

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