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Captain Dreamcast is proud to present:


AeroWings [PAL - M3]
Published by CRI
Developed by Crave Entertainment
Release Date: 1999/08/11
Product Number: T40201N
Source: GDI Dump (Ver. 1.002)


Ripped: - German and French files got the boot!
Downsampled:      - Music was monoized
        - Openings were downsampled to play right (and make space, but "play right" sounds better)
I personally consider Aerowings to be - from a technical standpoint - the best of the Dreamcast's launch
titles, rivaled only by Sonic Adventure. It had high-def videos, some cool technical stuff even later games
failed to utilize (Special Warning track; Savegame picture, etc) and most importantly displays the
Dreamcast's power to the max. Not the Shenmue max, but the launch max at least. To be fair, what
would you expect frome a game that is published by the guys behind the adx and sfd formats?
The only thing one might not like about the game is... the gameplay. Nothing spectacular happens,
you just fly loopings, try to stay in formation and chase some rings. What makes this game great for me,
that has to be Lieutenant Shinji. This man is among the three video game characters to actually make me
cry (Along with Nei from PS2 and those spider enemies from Soul Reaver). His harsh comments, which
enter right into your soul leaving deep scars behind... There's no one quite like him.
Now for the actual hacking process:
Tons and tons of videos.
Not only their quantity was high, but so was their bitrate. Normally, they shouldn't play on the DC without
problems and you can't downsample them without accidentally ripping out some parts, see Tux' release for
examples of that. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. So I said "Whatever",
downsampled the Openings and put the tutorial videos as far out on the disk as I could, all while hoping
that they'd play, even though they were about 1000kb/s about the limit for videos on CD-Rs. And guess
what: They did. It's one to zero for the Captain!
Since I couldn't touch these videos, The music had to be monoized.
During testing, I have realized something very, very, VERY grave, had it actually been grave. There was
another movie file - a preview of other games from Crave. Normally, this movie shouldn't play since it's
bitrate is way too high. But it plays just fine. Totally beats me why, but it does. Time to call it a miracle
and to call it a day.
Additional info:

- Special file order was used. --> Good loading times
- Of course it's selfboot and has been dummied using first-session DATA!
- VGA - Box has been enabled and should work!
- I've included     -the PC stuff nobody cares about
                        -the best warning track of all time (I swear!)

You don't need a manual for this game, just listen to Shinji and Maria. That should do the trick just fine!

I sure hope that covers everything you want from a release.


#    Name        Date of release    Status

001    SEGAGAGA    2010/05/07    Released
002    Hydro Thunder    ----------------    Postponed
003    Giga Wing    2010/05/09    Released
004    Crazy Taxi    2010/05/09    Released
005    AeroWings    2010/05/10    Released


YOU'RE OUT OF FORMATION! You'd better get used to this phrase.


Yo, man, it ain't no fun writing an nfo without talkin' 'bout da scene, yo. So 'tis them greetz to all them
 rippers who still rip, yo. And by the way: Gangsta speech is best.

*****Game has been tested as of 12/5/11. Self boot CDI and works great. I burned with ImgBurn. If you cant get it to work, its on your end, ask in the forums for advice-- Smashey*****

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