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Sonic X-treme was a cancelled platform video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Early versions were considered for several systems until ending up as being developed by Sega for the Sega Saturn, with the intended release being around Christmas of 1996. However, after getting stuck in development hell and missing that deadline, the game was eventually cancelled. Had it been finished, it would have been the first fully 3D Sonic game and the first original Sonic title developed for the Sega Saturn.

The game in this form was initially developed separately by two teams in parallel starting in the second half of 1995. One team, led by Chris Senn and Ofer Alon, was in charge of developing the main game engine, while the other team, lead by Chris Coffin, worked on a "free-roaming, ‘arena-style’ 3D engine". The main game levels themselves were developed in a tubular mode, allowing level rotation and gravity directions, and as result, moved around Sonic. The fish-eye lens camera view, developed by Alon, gave the game a distinctive spherical appearance.

For the boss level engine, several modes such as top-down and side scrolling views were prototyped to create a more interesting view of the boss battle areas while still using the prerendered Sonic sprite assets used in the main game engine developed by Ofer. The boss level engine began to evolve into a game of its own using this new source of inspiration, trying to stay closer to its 2D roots by adopting a 3D but side-scrolling viewpoint. The new boss engine gameplay prototype adopted a more pastel color scheme and organic flow of the inspirational Nights into Dreams..., made by Sonic creator Yuji Naka.

For many years, very little content from the game was ever released beyond screenshots that had been released to the media in promotion of the game prior to its cancellation. However, in 2006 a copy of a very early test engine was sold at auction to an anonymous collector who bought it for 2,500 dollars. An animated GIF image of the gameplay was initially released, with the disk image itself was leaked on July 17, 2007 after a fundraising project by the "Assembler" website community purchased the disc from the collector.

In 2006, the game's director, Chris Senn, opened the Sonic X-treme Compendium web site and began revealing large amounts of the game's development history to the public, including videos of early footage, a playable character named Tiara, and a large amount of previously unreleased concept music related to the title. He also was given permission by Hirokazu Yasuhara, the level designer for the majority of the original 16-bit Sonic titles, to post level designs that were going to be put in the game. Senn, along with the community, announced intentions to recreate the game,[11] but their efforts deteriorated, and the project was canceled in January 2010.


File Listing

This is a bin/cue. The bin and cue are named image.iso. But it is a bin/cue

There are tons of covers included. There was a cover contest and all the covers from the contest are included.


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________            _____           ____  ______                             
__  ___/_______________(_)______    __  |/ /_  /___________________ ________
_____ \_  __ \_  __ \_  /_  ___/    __    /_  __/_  ___/  _ \_  __ `__ \  _ \
____/ // /_/ /  / / /  / / /__      _    | / /_ _  /   /  __/  / / / / /  __/
/____/ \____//_/ /_//_/  \___/      /_/|_| \__/ /_/    \___//_/ /_/ /_/\___/

Lost in 1996. Found in 2006. Released 2007

Thanks to the 96

Do not distribute until 7/18/07

Home of the obscure



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(3 Comments) Latest comment was 4 years ago
segasimpsonsfanman View Profile
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5 years ago
Would this work fine in an emulator (yabause) considering this is japanese?
Jetstor View Profile
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5 years ago
Just discovered this beta exists and is playable, thanks a lot!
ShanDroyd View Profile
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4 years ago
It looks great, too bad there is nothing to do, all you can do is just run around :(
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