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- Title : ANTAGONY

- Genre : Fighting
- Developer : Triniti Software
- Publisher : Triniti Software
- Released : 1995

- Platform : MS-DOS [PC]


- Info taken from old-games.com :

Antagony is a decent fighting game in the same style as Mortal Kombat, only not as varied. The game is a better than average effort, though, especially judging from the fact that it was developed and published as shareware by some amateur programmers. There are 7 fighters you can choose from in the game, with the typical number of gameplay options: VS mode, human vs. computer, and tournament. The fighters have the standard number of usual and special moves, although to the game's credit the range of normal moves is larger than many other games. All in all, if you enjoy Mortal Kombat but are put off by all the blood and emphasis on violence, Antagony may be more to your liking. The lack of differentiation between fighters is what keeps the game from our Top Dog tag and into the same league as Mortal Kombat series. Worth a look, though.


Download and Extract the Rar'' file with '7Zip' or 'WinRar'.
You will get a folder with the Game called "ANTAGONY" playable in MS-DOS (Haven't tried it in Windows.. might work in Compatibility-mode).
Open the folder, and double-click on "SETUP.exe" to configure the Game.
To play, double-click on "ANTAGONY.exe". Have fun..