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Here is a collection of 54 emulators for the PSP Series that I seem to have collected.
You may need extra files like BIOS n stuff for each system, I have no idea what is
included with each emulator. But it's a good start

PSP 2600 - -PSP2600 v1.2.0.7z
PSP 2600 - StellaPSPv0.2.7z
PSP Arcade - PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r2 Hires by TTYman - 16112007.7z
PSP Arcade - pspMame_Deathrash_vol_1-3.7z
PSP Atari 5200 - -Jum52_11_PSP.7z
PSP CapCom Play System - CPS1 2.3.1 Slim and 3000 ONLY.7z
PSP Colico Vision - pspcolem-v1.3.1-fw5x.7z
PSP Intellivision - PSPInt_v1.1.0.7z
PSP Jaguar - AtariJaguarEmulator.7z
PSP Master System - MasterBoyv210.7z
PSP Megadrive - Dgen_psp_170.7z
PSP Megadrive - PSPGenesis-v0.18c.7z
PSP MULTI Emu - emulator_082f.7z
PSP NEC PC-9801 - NP2_for_PSP_v0.39.7z
PSP PC Engine - HuEPSP070.7z
PSP PC Engine - PCEforPSP_v083UO1.7z
PSP Vektrex - PSPVE v1.0.2.7z
PSP Virtual Boy - RedDragon20071019.7z
PSP ZX Spectrum - PSPectrum_1.0.4_for_1.5.7z
PSP Amiga - UAE v82.rar
PSP Amiga - pspuae_v82.rar
PSP Arcade - FBA_lbicelyne_20090315_v12.4.0_all.rar
PSP Arcade - PSPMAME r0.6.rar
PSP N64 - DaedalusX64R790.rar
PSP 7800 - psp7800-v1.2.0-fw5x.zip
PSP Atari 800-5200 - atari800-
PSP Atari ST - castaway-psp-006.zip
PSP BBC Micro - pspbeeb-v1.1.0-fw3x.zip
PSP C64 - c64psp.zip
PSP C64 - vice-2.2.15-1.0.zip
PSP CapCom Play System - -uo_cps2psp_2.3.1_for_2k-3k-go-street_mod_r4.zip
PSP Colico Vision - colem-2.6.1-1.0.zip
PSP Dragon - pspdragon-v1.0.3-fw3x.zip
PSP Gameboy Advanced - gpsp09.zip
PSP Lynx - handy-0.95.1-1.0.zip
PSP Lynx - PLynx_v09.zip
PSP Master System - smsplus-1.3.1-1.0.zip
PSP Megadrive - PicoDrive.zip
PSP MSX - fmsx-3.5.41-1.0.zip
PSP MSX - pspmsx-v1.5.1-fw5x.zip
PSP Neo Geo Compatible- uo_mvspsp_2.3.1_for_2k-3k-Go-Street_mod_r4.zip
PSP Neo Geo Pocket - neopop-0.71.15-1.0.zip
PSP Neo Geo Pocket - ngpsp_v1.3.1.zip
PSP Neo Geo Pocket - Race-2.16-1.0.zip
PSP NES - NesterJ v1.13 beta 2.zip
PSP PC Engine - psphugov1.3.1fw5x.zip
PSP Sam Coupe - pspsim-v1.2.1-fw3x.zip
PSP Saturn - yabause-0.9.10-psp.zip
PSP SNES - s9xTYLcm091127_173210Build.zip
PSP SNES - snes9xeuphoria.zip
PSP Thomson M05 - pspmo5-v120-fw5x.zip
PSP Thomson T07 - pspthom-v1.2.1-fw5x.zip
PSP ZX Spectrum - fuse-

Some of these may be outdated now, but at least it'll give you something to
look through for updates.

Hope it's of use


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(7 Comments) Latest comment was 1 year ago
invidente7 View Profile
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1 year ago
I dread that the saturn emulator will make the PSP go BOOOM, how good is it, anyway? I just wanna play Rayearth, astal and guardian heroes
invidente7 View Profile
Message User
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1 year ago
Yes, my PSP is the latest one and thereotically it SHOULD handle it...but the real question is should I?
ZX81v2 View Profile
Message User
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1 year ago
I have no idea on most of these emulators. Try n laugh or try n cry...
I own a 1001 so chances are some of these wouldn't work on my PSP. Nothing to loose by trying
schmupluvr View Profile
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1 year ago
Wonder why/who gave it 3 out of 10?
I'll give it a go. I have most but never hurts to try more/different ones.
I still love PSP and I'm waiting, beginning to doubt that Vita will live up to it's daddy with retro.
Thanks, ZX.
darklight View Profile
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1 year ago
almost all sega saturn emulators are garbage that is mostly used for proof of concept if you want a good saturn emulator stick to the pc version or android
ZX81v2 View Profile
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1 year ago
As I posted, these were sitting in the state as they were uploaded. I have not tested ANY OF Em !
Most will be outdated and possibly missing things like BIOS. Use what you want, trash the rest !
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