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My XBox360 research experience on HDD

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My XBox360 research experience on HDD

Postby strikermac » Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:42 am

Hi guys~

1st all, I need to say sorry for my poor english again. Hope u all know what I saying and hope it help for some gamers. Especially the HDD not enough storage space problems...
May be most of you know about it already, but I just sharing, not big deal, cheers.

Mine is Xbox 360 Slim version below...

As you all know XBox 360 Slim version have internal HDD for saving data and Download Contents for sure. Yup, especially DLC, some games DLC is a huge content space. So my HDD only have 10GB, if I have 5+ games with 3gb each DLC then my HDD is out of storage for sure. So after research then I found out that it didn't need to upgrade my HDD to bigger size like 250GB, just buy myself one another external hard disk will do.

I use my new 1TB external hard disk for download main games & rip games, then my old 250GB external hard disk for DLC use. So my 10GB HDD is clean for saving data only. So with Kinect, all USB port at the back is in use perfectly. Don't worry about DLC won't load from external hard disk, I guarantee the answer is YES and automatic load from it. The only can't load is if the games have HD texture content experience, that sure need to use the console own internal HDD. And better the saving data is on HDD for easy smooth saving and loading save data.

And finally don't forget to format your external hard disk into FAT32, Xbox 360 only read FAT32 format.

Here how to transfer DLC to external hard disk, links below:

*Note: If you already have DLC files in your HDD, better do it 1 by 1 transfer.

*PS: If you have Kinect own power adapter socket please use it. Because when Xbox 360 USB ports all in use will power down your console. So the better is Kinect have it own power to run.

That all, Thanks for reading~~ And hope it help. :cool:
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Re: My XBox360 research experience on HDD

Postby amiga1200 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:57 am

hello, good to see you, and thanks for sharing.
i have an excuse to fire up the jasper coolrunner and try this.
been wanting an external solution, never got around to looking (backlog of stuff) but this may help.
the internal harddisk is a 256g, not much on atm.
good call, keeps things organized better.
thanks a lot for sharing. :spliff:
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Re: My XBox360 research experience on HDD

Postby Sabkahn » Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:19 am

You can homebrew your own internal HDD, used this guide myself a couple of years ago and never had any issues going online with it what so ever since you are only running official software on an official HDD size with it, though I can´t and won´t guarantee that they are able to detect homebrew HDD´s by now, however I somewhat doubt that.

https://digiex.net/threads/hack-a-250gb ... slim.3152/
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Re: My XBox360 research experience on HDD

Postby strikermac » Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:47 am

Thanks for comments n reply guys.
We all learning a lot. ;)
And I don't trust my local Game center seller anymore, they just want my money. They just want to sell their internal HDD 250GB in high price and don't know it can work or not without guarantee. So I learning myself do more research not to rush dealing with them. Now I success with "Happy Ending" gaming experience. :D
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