Can you trade games at the Portland Retro Expo?

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Can you trade games at the Portland Retro Expo?

Postby Einhander » Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:57 am

So last minute thread. I'm flying out to Portland tomorrow and will be going to the expo for the weekend. I have never been to one of these. Good news! I talked to Metal Jesus and John Hancock on social media and they say I can get their autograph and take a pic. MJR said that the best time is on the show floor or after the panel. Not sure what that means.

So do you just buy games at the expo? Or is there any trading going on? I don't know how it works. I'd imagine that retro games at expo's are quite expensive these days because retro collecting has gotten really expensive. Nonetheless, I'm excited to go because I want to meet the community and I wanna experience the energy. Plus the air is really bad out here in the Bay, as we had a fire in Santa Rosa not too long ago.

Oh and is anyone on here going?
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Re: Can you trade games at the Portland Retro Expo?

Postby Biggsy666 » Thu Oct 19, 2017 8:59 am

Don't remember seeing any official trading spots/stands at any games fair i have been to but this sounds much bigger than the ones i went to. If none are advertised then i guess not but you could take a few things with you in case like minded people also have. Stuff will be overpriced, that i can guarantee.
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Re: Can you trade games at the Portland Retro Expo?

Postby FreePlayFlorida » Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:31 pm

as stated in your post, the best usually just after a panel, as they normally have it geared for people to take pics, autographs after their said panel, its easier and more controlled, rather than just bump into them on the floor, but could be waiting longer, rather than a quickie on the floor :P

as for trading, im sure most vendors probably would be up for it, but again, might not always get the best deal, rather than trade to other collectors, is there a facebook page for this event? normally we try to set up a Saturday morning trade get together, or its worked out on the FB page, some vendors I think will price stuff ok, as they basically have to these days to stay in business, its not gonna be yard sale pricing, but if your after a specific title and prepared to pay eBay pricing then its a good as anywhere to buy, and you save on shipping :D

Well have a great time and events are always fun social events, and make sure you fit in as much cool stuff within the time, and check out to see what after hours stuff is going on as well, if its held in a hotel or something, could be a pool party or something
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Re: Can you trade games at the Portland Retro Expo?

Postby pirate_tar » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:23 pm

I'll be there on Saturday, black cowboy hat, but not in pirate gear, spying out the land so to speak, eh! :lol:
Glad U can make it, I drive some wild horses to get there, "ben Hur" style LOL :lol:
Looking to find a retail box of C64 Sid Miers Pirates! or Gunship, or Gunship 2000! :)
See Ya
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Re: Can you trade games at the Portland Retro Expo?

Postby Einhander » Sat Oct 21, 2017 8:12 am

So some of the stuff is expensive but there are a few games I got that I may have saved a few bucks since there’s no shipping. For instance some of the cheaper Saturn games.

Very cool arcade and lots of Star Wars. Unfortunately I didn’t see any of the celebrities but afterwards I went to a sports bar and I recognized gamester 81 and got to take a pic with him. That was a good moment because at least I saw someone. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll see more people.
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