Best option for Dreamcast HDMI output?

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Re: Best option for Dreamcast HDMI output?

Postby duwen » Tue May 22, 2018 10:42 am

Epsilon5 wrote:There's only one problem with the Akura--it does not account for the non-standard resolution broadcast of the Dreamcast. This problem is simple but not well understood but a lot of people. The issue is that the Dreamcast sends out a 720x480 broadcast signal, and sort of centers a 640x480 image inside it. (If you've ever fiddled with a VGA CRT and your Dreamcast, you know that this is not dead-center but off by just a bit.) The Akura just spits out 640x480 from sampling that 720x480 broadcast, so it's squeezed. This can be a bigger deal with some games than others, but still, a VGA->Component->HDMI solution (+ an OSSC in the mix if you want scanlines), no matter that you're dealing with no less than two conversions, will give the full image. The Akura will likely give an image on par with most HDTV VGA inputs, assuming it's crap (most HDTV VGA inputs are), the scanline add is the real draw here.

Here's a thread about this over on shmups when the Akura debuted. https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.p ... 2#p1229552

Yeah, I was aware of the DC's resolution issue before buying the Akura, but it is still the best option for anyone that doesn't own either an OSSC or Framemeister - both of which cost substantially more than the Akura (and as I'm in Europe my tv's all have SCART sockets making Framemeisters kind of unnecessary), plus you still need a VGA box of some description in the processing chain. Not to mention factoring in an additional power supply for those devices, whereas the Akura draws power from the DC.
My 4k 49" Sony Bravia does a stellar job of upscaling the 480p with minimal lag (it's just a shame that it doesn't like the rgb switch trick on the Akura... but I can fall back on the direct RGB scart input), and the results look amazing.
So, in my set up the Akura definitely delivers the best 'bang for buck' ratio.
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