How to compress and play your Dreamcast games in PC

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How to compress and play your Dreamcast games in PC

Postby TheArcadeStriker » Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:39 pm

Hello everybody! Well, what this is going to cover is how you can get to compress your cdi/gdi files and how to play with them in NullDC.
CDI or GDI files can look pretty big, with CDI files coming up with 700-800 or more megabytes used, but that is when they are extracted. When they are compressed they could get to show more or less the actual size of all the files inside the CDI file, or in other words, game data. A example of this would be Ikaruga, which while it has a size of 38MB when compressed, but when you extract the GDI files (Because it was a GDI, along with the track files), it's 1GB! (The track03.bin file to be specific, where the game data is, while the other files are still required to work)

Step 1: Compressing
To start, you can use WinRAR and compress your CDI or GDI game in a single RAR. You should actually compress each one of them apart in a archive. If your game is a GDI, and it doesn't have more than three tracks (That has track01.bin, track02.raw and track03.bin only), you can have all the GDI game files in a folder, and only compressing the track03.bin. If it haves more than three tracks, skip this step (A.K.A. it's better than you don't try compressing them, and just read below to know how to load the game automatically)

Step 2: How to use them in a practical way
To start, you should go to the place where you have installed WinRAR, and copy the UnRAR.exe file to your game folder.
Create a text file, and change the extension to bat. Then you can copy and paste this in it:
Code: Select all
UnRAR e (Insert the compressed file name here)
(Path that points to your NullDC.exe file) -config nullDC:Emulator.Autostart=1 -config ImageReader:LoadDefaultImage=1 -config ImageReader:DefaultImage=(Path of where the compressed file is, but instead of using the .rar extension, use the .cdi extension)
del (Uncompressed game file cdi)

What it does is that it extracts the RAR file, loads up NullDC so that it automatically opens the extracted game file and starts it, and when it's closed, it deletes the uncompressed file. This is a example of how could it look:

Code: Select all
*C:\MudanzaaW8\Dreamcast\nullDC.exe -config nullDC:Emulator.Autostart=1 -config ImageReader:LoadDefaultImage=1 -config ImageReader:DefaultImage="C:\MudanzaaW8\Dreamcast\SOULCALIBUR.cdi"*

Note that the part in asterisks (*) is a single line. The CDI file in the RAR is named the same as the RAR file (SOULCALIBUR.cdi in the SOULCALIBUR.rar), and it's recommended to do that for simplicity.

If you are using this with a GDI file with three tracks (Read above), you should use the first example, paste:
Code: Select all
cd (Path of the folder where your compressed track03.bin of your GDI game is)

in the first line, replace the path of the compressed file with the GDI file path in the NullDC.exe line and replace the filename of the del command with the path of the track03.bin of the GDI.
It should extract the track03 compressed file, load the GDI, and delete the aforementioned track03.bin file. If it is a game that has more than 3 tracks, then you should only use the NullDC.exe line and point the game path to the GDI file.

I hope that this was helpful to everyone here. If you are confused with the explantation (I feel that it is a bit confusing, mostly due to that I don't know English natively and that I don't know how to explain it well with only text), I will later do a document and upload it here so that it is easier to understand.
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Re: How to compress and play your Dreamcast games in PC

Postby Would » Mon Aug 15, 2016 2:55 am

Nice guide!
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Re: How to compress and play your Dreamcast games in PC

Postby BALDOGON » Sat Aug 20, 2016 2:23 pm

Great. I will try this to consum space! thank you.
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Re: How to compress and play your Dreamcast games in PC

Postby ffburger101 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:47 pm

Would you please provide an example for a 3 track gdi? Please? I'm not great at commands... :(
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Re: How to compress and play your Dreamcast games in PC

Postby AbSTAYNE » Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:27 am

thank you so much
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Re: How to compress and play your Dreamcast games in PC

Postby Neil_Hines » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:14 am

Great thanks for your guidance. :D
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Re: How to compress and play your Dreamcast games in PC

Postby Ale_DC » Mon Dec 18, 2017 10:32 pm

Thank you
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