SD Reader with Dreamshell usage questions

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SD Reader with Dreamshell usage questions

Postby razsaz » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:40 am

I've been using Dreamshell with an SD reader and am getting the expected mixed results, but I would like to concur with the forum dwellers to see if there's nothing I can do to improve a couple situations.

First I have a generic question to get out of the way: Why do SD-iso's seem so popular? Dreamshell and other emulators say that an optimized gdi is the way to go, but most personal accounts I come across recommend an sd-iso. Other than file size, is there a benefit to using sd-iso's over optimized gdi's?

Next, this Sonic Shuffle http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/dre ... egantscus/ : Does it work for anyone? When I select it it brings up a loading screen with the disc image in the corner, then goes blank with the word "loading..." on the vmu and never does anything. The Dreamshell compatibility list says that the pal version works, should the US version be any different?

I want to rip my own games with Dreamshell's gd ripper, and I've had some success so far. However, my copy of Sonic Adventure does the exact same thing as the Sonic Shuffle file. I'd expect Sonic Adventure to be among the best supported games, so I'm surprised at this. I've used a downloaded copy before that worked fine, so, barring a bad rip, are there any hints of what could be wrong with mine? How do I go about checking the accuracy of my rip? The GD Ripper left an ip.bin file, which is unusual compared to my other rips, and the downloaded copy, but booting from it yields the same blank screen.

Speed Devils: Another rip of my own, plays the intro cut scenes and loads the game menu, but a second later it boots me into the actual Dreamcast menu. Is this normal behavior? I haven't seen this in any other game, nor found any testimonies from anyone trying to load this game as a gdi.

Finally, a non-dreamshell related question: Crazy Taxi is always stuttery for me. And I mean the cdr. Loading a GDI file is actually a better experience then the cdr. Is this a warning flag for my machine, or typical behavior for some rips?

Thanks in advance for any insights anyone can give.
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Re: SD Reader with Dreamshell usage questions

Postby CBThatGuy » Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:23 pm

I'm guessing the main appeal is to not have to swap discs or worry about scratches. I have Dreamshell and an SD reader, but have had some mixed results as well. Some games play fine and others have issues. It's nice to be able to load multiple games without having to swap discs but eventually I just went back to disc based games.

I've never had any issues with discs not working. I usually go with name brand discs and burn with ImgBurn as slow as possible.
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Re: SD Reader with Dreamshell usage questions

Postby Koyuki » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:31 pm

I think compatibility is low for now and that makes it uninteresting to me.

Also, some games would run without audio. This is a big turn off.

Even the HD mod seems to be not so good. This is a compatibility list for HD,doesnt run Shenmue and many others, while some games runs without audio. SD compatibility is much lower.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... edit#gid=0

I hope it gets better in the future.
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