Dreamcast PSU Capacitor List

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Dreamcast PSU Capacitor List

Postby Geekman1222 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:50 am

Since I already brought my other capacitor replacment list over for the Saturn I thought it was only natural to bring over my only other remaining capacitor list i have atm.

Hello, so recently I found that a lot of issue with the Dreamcast can be traced back to issues with the power supply unit. Random system reboots, not powering on at all. Most recently I found even the drive laser it self not turning on / lighting up when it other wise seems to be working!!!

You can fix this by reconditioning the power supply. Below is a personal log I have of all the electrolytic capacitors. Enjoy!!!

All parts listed are fully measured and best fit or directly fit in size with the orginals.
All Caps are high quality caps consisting of Nichicon and two Panasonic brands


NOTE!!!! (i cant quite remember now if I goofed up ordering, but theres a small 35V 47Uf Cap labeled C10 on most of these boards, verify you have this BEFORE completing your order!!!!!!!

Dreamcast Power Supply Capacitor List:
This is a list of capacitors, values, and sizes based on US region boards I own.

Models Confirmed:
PC BD KTN PWR UNIT MTM 1717962A Mitsumi
PC BD KTN PWR UNIT PANA 1717962A-X1 Panasonic

Loc Value Pitch Diam Height Digikey Part No.
C3 200v 100 uF 8mm 15mm 25mm 493-13280-1-ND
C52 35 v 470 uF 5mm 10mm 20mm 493-1582-ND
C54 10 v 2200 uF 5mm 12mm 20mm 493-1271-ND
C58 10 v 3300 uF 5mm 12mm 25mm 493-1505-ND
C59 10 v 1000 uF 5mm 10mm 15mm 493-13427-1-ND
C56 10 v 470 uF 5mm 8mm 11mm P19697CT-ND
C53 16 v 470 uF 5mm 8mm 11mm P15731CT-ND



The board is single sided so desoldering should be REALLY easy and I have done this twice already! Just use a decent bit of heat, dont roast the thing, use good desolder braid and it should come right out.

The replacements all use orginal lead spacing (pitch) and will drop right in place no need to resize the leads. Be aware of the polarity please or the new caps will blow up!! :shock: Just solder them back. If your not familiar with soldering Dave of the EEV Blog on youtube has some excellent tutorials on the matter practice up its not too hard ;)

You should notice recapping should fix any problems you might have now or in the future. I have personally fixed a console that keeps rebooting over and over and the cost is cheap mine was 11usd with shipping about 20 bucks but I am ordering for 2 consoles your prices may be cheaper!!

Please know this is not a fix all solution your results may vary but its never a bad idea to recap if all basic troubleshooting is completed :)
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Re: Dreamcast PSU Capacitor List

Postby u9ly » Mon Feb 19, 2018 3:50 pm

again great info thanks
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Re: Dreamcast PSU Capacitor List

Postby pandabearwindtalker » Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:49 pm

Really helpful, thanks a ton!
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Re: Dreamcast PSU Capacitor List

Postby Geekman1222 » Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:37 am

No problem I am glad this is helpful for people, I do alot of restoration on saturns and dreamcasts lately the least i could do is provide a parts list lol
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Re: Dreamcast PSU Capacitor List

Postby shwoaps » Sun May 27, 2018 12:26 pm

I'm sure it will prove really useful for me, thanks.
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