How to Patch DOA2 Ultimate Now

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How to Patch DOA2 Ultimate Now

Postby HisDivineShadow » Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:28 am

This is me just being technically curious.

There are a number of costume patches available here for DOA2 Ultimate, some are just simple replacement "datahdd2.afs" files but others require you to replace or modify files extracted from within that same AFS file.

These fall into two types: replacement .XPR and, usually, the associated .CAT files. This is accomplished fairly simply by using AFS Explorer to display the contents and then import the replacement patch files.

The second type is what I'm interested in. Here are the typical instructions, btw not always provided:-

1.AFSExplorer: Export XXXXX.xpr(datahdd2.afs) & XXXXX.xpr(datadvd.afs)
2.BossAFS: Apply Patch XXXXX.xpr.bos(XXXXX.xpr) & XXXXX.xpr.bos(XXXXX.xpr)
3.AFSExplorer: Import XXXXX.xpr(datahdd2.afs) & XXXXX.xpr(datadvd.afs)
4.Upload datahdd2.afs & datadvd.afs ...

Others are even more complicated with another stage between (1) and (2) requiring the use of another tool: XPRBreaker to extract a XPR from within the exported XXXXX.xpr.

A few questions:-

1). Will XPR Express do the same job as XPRBreaker? If not what will?

2). Even if it can do the job our good friend here at TiZ catch_2030 also added a comment to that XPR Express download saying it only works with WinXP. Anyone know if Win7 XP Mode could be used or whether XP compatibility settings help?

However both those questions maybe moot because of this:-

3). The patches concerned have a .bos extension so I'm guessing they were built using BossAFS. The trouble is that BossAFS tool is proving elusive. I can't find much reference to it let alone a source so is there an alternative?

Finally: WTF didn't the downloaders of these patches provide the patched XPRs or include the necessary tools?
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Re: How to Patch DOA2 Ultimate Now

Postby catch_2030 » Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:53 am

I tried XPR Express on Windows 7 in XP compatibility mode as well as running as admin. This was on 64-Bit however. It may work on 32 bit windows 7 but no promises as I've never tried. Works great with a dedicated XP machine as well as XP installed as a virtual OS using VMware.

I'm 0 help when it comes to every part of the question you asked lol
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Re: How to Patch DOA2 Ultimate Now

Postby HisDivineShadow » Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:37 pm

Thanks for the info.

Only have W7 64bit but the VM XP Mode is 32bit so there is hope with that. I do have a full XP 32bit installation though so if I couldn't get it to work on W7 that alternative would at least be available for me.

But it is finding that BossAFS tool which is the real issue. If that now can't be obtained the XPR patches here with the .bos extension would appear to be unusable.

No big deal in the scheme of things really but still a bit of a shame that if it can't be found the work that went into creating those patches is being lost forever.
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Re: How to Patch DOA2 Ultimate Now

Postby HisDivineShadow » Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:19 pm

Still no answer to this. :(

Sort of separate matter but on the same lines:-

Dead Or Alive 2 Ultimate Mod/Hack Fix Xbox

It is a niche matter but may be of interest to others.

http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/xbo ... e-modhack/

Unfortunately this has at least one serious problem which makes some of the alternative costumes for one of the fighters, Ayane, inaccessible. I tried two fresh downloads and exactly the same problem occured.

Even just highlighting Cos. 5, when it is unlocked, crashes the game and freezes the Xbox. It is corrupted.

The problem is that there are other costumes you can still unlock by using any of the first 4 but once done, because you have to scroll through the costume set to select them, the troublesome Cos. 5 prevents you doing that.

Solution: substitute the corrupt Cos. 5 with Cos. 5 from the original datahdd2.afs.


1. Obviously you need to have extracted the DOA2U files from the original game's ISO (US/JAP/PAL, doesn't seem to matter) using Qwix or C Xbox Tools first.

2. Open the DOA2 Ultimate game folder and find the "DOA2" folder.

3. In that find the datahdd2.afs and copy it to a new, easily identified folder.

It is very important you work on a copy not the original as any changes you make can't be undone.

4. Now open and start AFSexplorer v3.7. Its a stand alone 'portable' program so no install to worry about.

5. Dragging and dropping doesn't seem to supported so use the File tab to IMPORT that original datahdd2.afs (3). It should show a list of all the character costume sets in the right pane in red lettering.

6. Find aya04.afs and aya04.cat and use the right mouse click context menu and EXPORT them to, I'd suggest, the same folder the original datahdd2.afs copy is in.

The reason you select the aya04 files are because in the datahdd2.afs the costumes are numbered from aya00 up, so Cos. 5 is aya04.

7. Close AFSexplorer to clear it and now go through (1) - (5) again but instead using the faulty datahdd2.afs from the alternative costume mod/hack download.

You may get an error message from AFSexplorer about the AFS version needing updating, I clicked yes but whether this was necessary I have no idea.

8). Find the aya04.xpr and aya04.cat files again and right mouse click each and select IMPORT, replacing each with the equivalent one you exported from the original datahdd2.afs.

Nothing will seem to have changed but if you check they should now show the current date unlike all the other file sets. They have been updated with the original AFS costume files, probably. :)

The rest should be obvious: just use the updated and now should be fully functional datahdd2.afs to replace the original in your copy of the game.

Ayane's alternative Cos. 5 is lost unless somebody updates the download but this is a fairly acceptable solution in the meantime.

I'd suggest you install two copies of DOA2U one with the original costume datahdd2.afs and the other with the updated mod/hack one. They save to the same UDATA folder but there's no confict, at least not if you save different profiles for use with each game.
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