Commodore64 on XBOX - Vice64x Help Please

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Commodore64 on XBOX - Vice64x Help Please

Postby shedward » Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:27 pm


Does anyone know how to play the games for this emulator? It states that it works fine but I am not having any luck whatsoever.

I can launch the emulator just fine (Vice64x) which comes up as 2000 Commodore64 Games on my XBOX.
When I go to Select Game on the main screen, I see the following:

<F:\Games\2000 Commodore64 Game’s\>

When I choose the first two choices, I see a bunch of letters:
And so on but no games show up.

If I go back to MAIN MENU and Select GameBase 64 directory, I can select Browse by Game Name and choose from hundreds of games but all I keep getting is Cannon Open D:\GAMES\Games\…. Press B

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If there was a better emulator, I would be open to that as well.

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Re: Commodore64 on XBOX - Vice64x Help Please

Postby horowitz » Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:20 am

this here. I would also love some info on this. Anyone?
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Re: Commodore64 on XBOX - Vice64x Help Please

Postby kaos_engr » Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:10 am

I downloaded this Vice64x emulator from this submission: Vice64x + C64 Romset. Dashboard shows it the same as shedward stated above: 2000 Commodor64 Game's.

Run it to see the main menu with a fading/color cycling Vice64X Main Menu:

  • Select game From Favorites
  • Select Game
  • GameBase64
  • Configuration
  • Utilities
  • Help, and
  • Return to Launcher
Scroll down to "Select Game" and low and behold I see:

<F:\Games\2000 Commodor64 Game's\c64disks\C64\>, press A to see a list of folders <0>, <A>,...,<Z>. But, there's a problem with this as the games are not installed in these folders but instead for me in the folder: F:\Emulators\c64x\c64disks\.

The default ROM directory will need to be changed or the contents of my folder F:\Emulators\c64x\c64disks\ moved to F:\Games\2000 Commodor64 Game's\c64disks\.

With the default configuration, the simplest fix may be to install (upload) the extracted contents of the c64x Zip archive to F:\Games\2000 Commodor64 Game's\. Doing so, however, will list the Vice64x emulator under your dashboard's Games menu not Emulators.

--edit 1--
The fix I mention is not quite correct. I see that this emulator did create the F:\Games\2000 Commodor64 Game's\ folder with all the subfolders: 0 and A-Z. Contents from my emulator's install folder: F:\Emulators\c64x\c64disks\ need to be moved into each appropriate subfolders: 0, A, B, C, ..., Z. (e.g., games with names that start with a number moved into the destination subfolder F:\Games\2000 Commodor64 Game's\c64disks\0 subfolder, etc.).

--edit 2--
But, there's also a <C64X> entry listed under "Select Game" to locate a game ROM/disk to load. Although again the emulator is looking for the games split into their separate subfolders: 0, A-Z. The Emulator is still listed under the Emulators menu but the games folder the emu created under F:\Games\2000 Commodor64 Game's\ also shows up but nothing can be started as there is no default.xbe file to be found in any of them. Not sure why they were all added that way. I'll have to check my UnleashX's config.xml to figure out why as without a default.xbe nothing should be added when the top-level F:\Games folder is scanned to create the menu.
--end edit 2--

Then the fun starts! :D Configuring the Controller for gameplay.

--end edit 1-- (Nested edits oh boy!)

--edit 3--
Oh boy, when on the first entry under "Select Game" pressing the controller's X button allows you to change the folder the emulator is looking for the game disk (.d64 files). You can select a drive letter: C:\, D:\, E:\, F:\, G:\, R:\ (UDF DVD-ROM), S:\ (ISO9660 DVD-ROM), X:\, Y:\, Z:\, SMB:\ or RLX:\. D-pad up and down to move 1 up/down 1 line at a time in the file list, LT or RT to fast scroll up and down through the list, respectively.
--end edit 3--
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Re: Commodore64 on XBOX - Vice64x Help Please

Postby kaos_engr » Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:57 am

Enough edits on the previous post...so confusing, but maybe you can figure out how to find the d64 game images in your installation's c64disks folder.

Some games ask for "Select 1 or 2 Players" the depressing the Left Thumbstick displays the virtual keyboard. Highlight either the 1 or 2 key and press the controller A button to start single or two player gameplay. I tried - Q - B e R t - oh press B to remove the virtual keyboard from the screen. D-pad to move the player but it's rotated 45 degrees compared to the on-screen movement. :( Left analog stick does not move the player. :( A reconfiguration of controller perhaps! Hmm...

To exit the game, depress the right thumbstick for the in-game emulator menu - select "Exit Game" followed by pressing (A) to get back to the main emulator menu. Next, highlight "Return to launcher", press A, highlight "Yes" as I really do want to exit the emu followed by pressing (A) to restart the dashboard.

Next topic of research, look into what GameBase64 is.

Keep gamin'!
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