Possible to Increase E Drive Size?

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Possible to Increase E Drive Size?

Postby Suavalicious » Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:44 pm

I just flashed my Xbox and installed a 2tb sata (few troubles but everything seems fine now) and was curious if it was possible to increase the E drive past 4.8 gigs. I came across very few posts mentioning being able to do this but are pretty old. Tried to change the size with XBpartioner but It wouldn't go any higher then the default size. Wanted to do this so I don't have to worry about running out of space with custom soundtracks and extra content. Any ideas on how to do this or if this is actually possible? Would post links to where they are mentioned but new here.
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Re: Possible to Increase E Drive Size?

Postby acr250rider » Thu Nov 23, 2017 2:23 am

I think there is a program on Rocky`s disc or Junks disc. But I think it can be done.
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Re: Possible to Increase E Drive Size?

Postby scorpNZ » Thu Nov 23, 2017 2:25 am

Its preset with the format tool so i doubt it can be done & if it could it'd most probably cause issues.You have to be careful putting too much stuff on E as well.Personally i wouldn't place anything there other than what needs to be there.You run out of space get another xbox & put another 2tb in it.Or you could if its music just stream from the pc or something.A few members here do that with music & movies on a remote device

edit: by the way you haven't lost any space when partitioning,certainly not enough to be concerned about it
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Re: Possible to Increase E Drive Size?

Postby Suavalicious » Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:30 am

Well I wanted the custom soundtracks to use in game. Also While I cant imagine filling up the drive, I dont want to worry about adding too much DLC like maps or mods.

OP here mentioned that he did it with XBpartioner
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And someone mention it here although it was for a chip.
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Just wanted to provide an update. I did manage to figure out how to do this.

Just so you know what I was using and how it worked for me:

XBOX Version: 1.2 I think (It's the Halo Edition)
Mod Type: TSOP Flash (IND Bios)
HDD: 2 TB SATA with IDE to Sata Adapter
Controller: Official XBOX Control [S-Type] (Ive heard some apps are picky about this)

Using XBpartitioner 1.3, you can resize the E partition (in XBpartitioner, this is partition 1) to whatever size you want. First you need to disable both the F & G partition (in XBpartitioner, this is partition 6 & 7). If you do not disable these partitions, you will not be able to adjust the max size of the E partition past 4.8GB. To disable F & G, push in on the right thumb stick. In the help menu, this is labeled "R Thumb Button". With F & G disabled, you can now increase the size of the E partition. After you have adjusted its size and Write table & Format the partition, you can enable the F & G Drive again. You can then Write Table & Format those partitions. You should be good to go now. Small Note, I did write table & format multiple times as the first time, I did this once and when I returned to dashboard, F & G were empty and E was only 30GB with a weird character file in it.

While this has worked for me so far, I have not fully tested this. Using a 2tb Sata, I made my E partition 110GB and F & G are 897GB. I Put about 20gb of games on the E drive and was able to launch them, create new saves, install DLC, and was even able to go to the original dashboard to manage my saves and rip a CD (some had mentioned the original dashboard not working tho). The only thing I noticed so far that might be a problem is the Unleashed dashboard save manager crashed whenever I looked at DLC content for games (specifically DDR: Ultramix and Halo 2). I never tried this before so I don't know if that was a previous problem. One thing I did want to try but it's gonna take a bit of time was to use the actually save memory past the original amount. This would mean making over 4.8GB of saves. Figured I would come across this when adding DLC or music.

While I couldn't find a lot of posts talking about increasing the E drive, the few I found mentioned a small bit of problems. One of these problems was that you would have to config the boot config or the xbox would rewrite the table on boot. ALL of these post mentioned using a mod chip and were posted sometime around 2005. I did not have to do this. Unleash displays the whole E partition.

The only other problem I saw was more or less something to avoid. It was mentioned not to use the original dashboard or to boot straight into a game (xbox game in drive on power on.) While I didn't try booting from a game, I was able to use the dashboard with no noticeable problem. Again, this seemed to be aimed at people using a mod chip.

I should point out that I would also recommend not making it to big. Specifically, make sure the drive is still using 16k clusters. I believe the threshold is around 250GB but most of the posts I saw just went with 120GBon their drive.

Finally, as for why you would want to do this:

* Install all DLC (Saw it mentioned somewhere that this would take up over 8gb)
* Depending on how you do your mods, more room for those installs
* A LOT more custom soundtracks for in game use
* Xmugen

That last one would be aimed at people using a large drive like me. Xmugen only works on drives with 16K clusters (as far as I know). If you are using a 2tb like me, then you have 64k clusters. for F & G. This means you rely on E for xmugen (or any other program that requires 16k if any) which limits how many versions or characters and stages you can have.
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