Original Xbox ISO to HDD

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Original Xbox ISO to HDD

Postby mob0103 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:01 pm

Hi There

I have started up my old modded system from 2003 and wanted to add some games. Is there a way to use an ISO and copy that to my HDD and play from the menu? Using Slayer 2.7

Thank You!!
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Re: Original Xbox ISO to HDD

Postby HisDivineShadow » Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:52 pm

Unless you're using a chipped Xbox then Slayers should be avoided for any purpose. It works but there are more up to date tools like HeXEn.

First thing: if you're using a softmod from that sort of era then it would be advisable to update it for a host of reasons. You're probably using an old dashboard and it is suggest you now either go for UnleashX or XBMC4Xbox. But the main reason to update is to install a protected softmod which means you or whoever else might be using it is less likely to stuff it up by mistake.

The second thing: if you want to install games on the HDD you really need to fit a bigger one than the 8GB retail HDD. You can fit maybe four original Xbox games on it at most but more typically just two. Some games will use up all the free space and may even exceed it.

There are plenty of tutorial and threads here about upgrade your HDD.

As for your main question: the best way of installing games to the HDD from disc, whether original or 'backup', is using the DVD2Xbox tool. This is found here. You may already have it or an older version but it won't have all the ACL (Access Control List) files found in the TiZ download which are necessary to patch some ripped Xbox games.

The other option is simply to FTP the games direct to the Xbox. Some downloads are already in file/folder form but if the game is supplied as an ISO you'll need either Qwix or C-Xbox Tools. These extract the content of the ISO as well as do a lot of other useful stuff.
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Re: Original Xbox ISO to HDD

Postby MisterXiado » Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:30 am

To elaborate, you want to update the Xbox so that someone playing Halo 2 later won't have the game forcibly update the system and bork everything up. I used this video as a guide, and the only trouble I ran into was the Microsoft branded Xbox S controller I bought screwing off after working for all of ten minutes. Just enough time to get the hard drive cloned, so I don't need it for now, but eh?


I recommend saving the video, as it's a pretty good reference beyond the bass-ackwards IP configuration directions. That, and the hot-swap instructions. If you're just parked at the UnleashX menu before running CHIMP, you can safely move the PATA cable from the DVD drive to the new HDD as slow as you like, before running it to scan and clone the original drive to the replacement. I'd never done anything with modifying Microsoft hardware until this, and I didn't run into any trouble that couldn't be corrected without minor use of the Force.
Once this is all done, Qwix is the most simple way of loading an ISO onto the system via FTP (and you don't need a separate FTP client in Windows). It's also good for reassembling a pile of folders and files into an ISO for burning or re-dumping onto the Xbox. Dandy like candy.
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Re: Original Xbox ISO to HDD

Postby kaos_engr » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:03 am

mob0103 wrote:Hi There

I have started up my old modded system from 2003 and wanted to add some games. Is there a way to use an ISO and copy that to my HDD and play from the menu?


Using Slayer 2.7

Thank You!!


Not sure how your Xbox is currently modded; modchip, TSOP or softmod?

Easier if the Xbox is softmodded with Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool Build 1.1.2.

If modded with a modchip or TSOP reflash, there's a way to mount ISO's from HDD too.
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