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Before You [Request] Please Read!

Requests for Xbox titles
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If your request has been filled, remember to update your topic to include [FILLED] in the title.

Before You [Request] Please Read!

Postby CurbsidePharmacist » Sat Jul 25, 2015 8:16 am

The last time around the request forums were getting a bit messy so I've decided to try this another way.

Please read the upload rules here firstly.

Please title all requests in this format (or close).
"[Request] Game Name/Region"

When a [Request] has been filled could the uploader please PM the person that made the request and let them know its been filled.

If your [Request] has been filled please come back to your topic and click [Edit] on your original post and change it from [Request] to [Filled]. (if we end up deleting the request before you get back to it don't worry) :)

We want to try to keep filled requests off the forums so we can keep the section clean for open requests.

**Special info for uploaders**

Those of you that are heavily contributing to the sites collection should shoot JaMbo87 a message if your running low on storage and he may be able to help you until we get the sites upload page fixed.
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Simple questions answered here
If you need to ask a question search the forums first here

Read the rules.
Theisozone Upload Rules

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