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(REQUEST) Sonic CD/Sonic the Hedgehog CD (PC, Euro version)

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(REQUEST) Sonic CD/Sonic the Hedgehog CD (PC, Euro version)

Postby SuperWill24 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:51 pm

As many of you know, the USA version of the original Mega CD version of Sonic CD (also known as Sonic the Hedgehog CD) has a completely different Redbook audio soundtrack from the version released in Europe, which is the same as the version released in Japan. The European soundtrack is the one that I am familiar with in the Mega CD version, and it goes a lot better with the sequenced past versions of the songs, which are the same in all three versions.

The PC version (or at least the non-DINO version) on this website seems to be of the USA version, since it has a completely different soundtrack than the PAL Mega CD version that I have, but features 16 additional Redbook audio tracks not found in the original Mega CD version, which are actually the past versions of songs that were sequenced in the original version. These songs sound the same in both versions, and considering the past music is the same in both the Mega CD and Windows versions, it makes very much sense that the European version does indeed have the same soundtrack as the original European (and Japanese) Mega CD version.

The only place which I know of that has a version confirmed to be from Europe is Redump, but it seems that you have to be an elite or something to actually download their disk images. Even other forums don't seem to give access to the "IBM Compatible" sets even though they have links to the Redump PSX sets, etc.

Can anyone confirm that this is indeed the case with the European PC version of Sonic CD having different music than the US version, and if so, can someone put this version on The ISO Zone? The format doesn't matter, but it MUST be a full ISO, it MUST contain the redbook audio, and it also MUST be a 100% working dump.
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Re: (REQUEST) Sonic CD/Sonic the Hedgehog CD (PC, Euro versi

Postby Sabkahn » Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:21 am

1.: Redump isn´t a Download site. All they do is provide Data that a user can use to verify that a Disc Image is as close to the Original as possible. We have a bunch of Redump Images here, but like I said, the difference to non-Redump Images is that the Redump one is untampered with for sure.

2.: Sonic is on the DMCA List and not allowed for public upload, so if someone has this they have to send you the Link via PM. And no: I don´t care that the site has a ton of Sonic games hosted here, I´m the wrong one to complain to anyway. http://www.theisozone.com/legal/
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