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Sheep PC game (2000)

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Sheep PC game (2000)

Postby Liger » Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:52 pm

Dear Members,

i just had the bad desire for bloody wicked good fun and i thought about the old PC game "sheep". With my best google skills i found this amazing forum. But to my regret, the download i found won't work properly. (I tried commenting, but i wasn't allowed to, so i had to open a new Topic. It looks like i'm also forbidden to post links in this forum, so maybe you have to search it on your own).

I downloaded the game "Sheep (RIP)" for PC

but unfortunately under the unzipped data is no exe.
Is there a possibility tho get this work again?

one of your newbees
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Re: Sheep PC game (2000)

Postby ZX81v2 » Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:10 pm

Hi, now I know personally that that download is fine, see my comments...

So something went wrong extracting it

1. Anti-Virus jumped on EXE and trashed it
2. Partial extraction issue
3. user error

I have the files

Extract Sheep-CLS.7z using 7zip
You will end up with a folder with a load of files in
ACE - C01 -C44

This is a ACE Archive format. You'll need WinRAR to extract it (Trial ver good enough)
Right click on the .ACE file
Select WinRAR > Extract to "Sheep\"
The files will extract to a folder called Sheep in current folder
You can now delete the ACE and C?? files
Copy the new SHEEP folder to where you want to run it from
Now the important bit

Look through the files in the sheep folder and you'll find "UNPACK.BAT", double click it
This will extract the soundfiles and rebuild them,and setup registry, make tea...

Once done, double click Sheep.exe to play

On a side note : I remember seeing this is a local pub in UK ~8 years ago on a real Arcade Cabinet,
I have no idea on the company behind it and can't find any info on the Arcade Port.
Which makes me think that maybe the machine was some sort of hack/Emulator but this was over 8 years ago...
If anyone can find any info to support my memory, please let me know.
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