I dont know how to put Iso's together!

I dont know how to put Iso's together!

Postby MrRhysicles » Sun May 06, 2012 8:08 pm

Any help?
I dont know how to put iso's together.

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Re: I dont know how to put Iso's together!

Postby amiga1200 » Sun May 06, 2012 8:15 pm

hello to you too!!
your question is vague....
if you mean "how can i get an ISO out of a split archive"???
using 7z, right click on the first archive part, in the same directory (name.7z.001/name.7z.002) "001" and select "extract here" and the rest should handle itself....
good luck!!!
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Re: I dont know how to put Iso's together!

Postby Zero » Sun May 06, 2012 8:38 pm

What Amiga said. On the other hand, if you mean that you don't know how to create an ISO from one of your games, you'll need a software ripper. Depending on the protection level on the game or whatever it is, you'll need something alone the lines of ImgBurn, Alcohol 120%, Nero, or other similar software.

Again, as Amiga said... Good luck. :)
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Re: I dont know how to put Iso's together!

Postby CurbsidePharmacist » Sun May 06, 2012 8:45 pm

Due to the upload limit on files being set at 1.8GB we chop our files into 1.7GB parts.

Not only does this (compression) help break files down into the proper size file limit for the server it also allows the overall size of the file to be smaller.

Say you download a PS2 game and the ISO is 3.4GB I've seen them compress to under 2GB that saves you from wasting time downloading an extra 1.4GB over some dummy files used to pack the game to CD/DVD so it reads faster in the CD/DVD based systems (games read faster on the outer tracks of a DVD/CD)

We use 2 main compressions here Winrar and 7zip, when these files are packed up they may look like.



When files are like this make sure all parts have been downloaded then use the correct file compression program then (right click the 1st of the files) and select extract here.
This will then open the rar or 7zip 1,2,3+ files and recontrust a working ISO image.

If a file errors and will not unpack then the file part may have been damaged during the transer and then may need downloaded again...... this also prevent you from having to download a 4GB game again over a small error, you will only need to download 1.7GB of that file.
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