My idea for a raspberry pi project, advice needed?

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My idea for a raspberry pi project, advice needed?

Postby TheTechDoc » Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:25 am

Hey there guys and gals, so today I happened across 3 ipod classic 6th gens (30gb) for $50 for the lot! got them and originally thought to just flip em for a quick buck, but I had the idea of making one into something a bit more, then remembered I have a pi zero on the way in the mail with nothing to use it for! keep in mind ive never made a portable before, but im confident enough to know I can with enough trial and error, just never really tried till now.

now from what I can tell, no one has made a project like this, ive seen people re make ipods into a case for a pi but that's about it, so here is my plan and the challenges I have found so far (feel free to add tips and things to look out for etc)

so imagine an ipod that boots into Kodi ! thats basically what im trying to create, using the pi zero which would have no problem fitting in the case, I would either modify the original screen to work with the pi (if possible) or try and find a screen that I could use in its place (challenge number 1)

then I would use this little board https://www.pakronics.com.au/products/adafruit-i2s-3w-class-d-amplifier-breakout-max98357a-ada3006?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=googleshopping&variant=21475633287to power the headphones, I wouldn't bother with a speaker as an iPod has never had a speaker anyway.

the next thing would be powering the pi, heres where im a little ...lets say lost, can anyone suggest to me, the smallest possible, all in one powering solution for the pi? that will also power the screen if possible ? something that does all the jobs in one, as the methods used in building other pi portables like the gameboy zero would never fit, then from there I would just add a battery of a small size but good quality and high capacity.

now the biggest challenge is the controls, lord knows how the hell I could get the spin wheel and buttons to respond or work at all, I have no coding experience and would need to follow a guide for anything like this..however no such thing exists, so I may need to get some help from people on bitbuilt or something, but at this point, thats the biggest challenge.

other than that I would need volume control (no idea yet) maybe just software based from within kodi?

would then add 2 usb A ports to one side for expandability, would put a 128gb micro sd card for main storage and a mini hdmi out on the other side

and then modify the original charging port to charge the pi, that wouldnt be all that hard, just finding which pins are for power and which are data and wiring the ones actually needed.

there is probably more but im drawing a blank.

right now this is just the fevered dream of a madman, for all I know its impossible...or at least outside my skillset, but what do you think? anything to add or remove etc?

cheers guys!
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Re: My idea for a raspberry pi project, advice needed?

Postby mrneo240 » Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:44 pm

It all sounds very doable. Depends of course in your skill and electrical/hacking knowledge.

I think you might find it very hard to drive the original iPod display.
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Re: My idea for a raspberry pi project, advice needed?

Postby oknarf383 » Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:24 pm

well if your using the pi, why not just simply make the pi zero portable. similar to the raspberry pi gameboy builds only better. the one factor none of their builds seem to address is the heat factor of those boards yea in theory the pi will run "ok" with passive cooling but from my experience with working with the pi all models passive cooling don't do dick especially in a real world situation like a gameboy or ipod running for several hours consecutively after a couple hours. the passive cooling fails and emulation/video streaming ect. gets glitchy stutters just like a smartphone good example of passive cooling failures. Now add a cooling fan to the mix with proper placement and heat is no longer a issue. Ive dont this with the raspberry pi zero did a wireless ip camera, battery powered with night vision, have 2x micro fans hovering over the cpu heatsink pizero streams video for 12hours in 83 degree f weather while the cpu remains at 32 degrees c = 89 degrees which aint to bad in my opinion..
but if need any advise on a good build for pi zero potable with screen,audio,ect. let me know
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Re: My idea for a raspberry pi project, advice needed?

Postby oknarf383 » Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:09 pm

this is how i set the fans on my ipcamera build.
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Re: My idea for a raspberry pi project, advice needed?

Postby oknarf383 » Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:29 pm

Now to address you idea, why not build a portable pi with screen speakers the works run kodi by itself can even install emulation station along with it so you can play some old games along with kodi. kodi works with wifi on the zero for video streaming such as movies and such, but even offline you can always load movies, and music onto the sd card of the pi or usb either way but kodi also is a media player. So you could do a build with the pi zero make it portable use a simple lipo setup with charger circuit many options for this, then you have your screen many options as well from capasitive touch to resistive to simple display, add a simple usb hub many options for this as well. Audio maybe some buttons can even add a camera to the mix for shits and giggles. many different ways to skin this cat.. as far as something to work with the ipod unless your gonna use the ipod for storage bout only use is see for mixing the two.
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Re: My idea for a raspberry pi project, advice needed?

Postby catch_2030 » Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:15 pm

I’d probably swap the screen out for a touch screen one. Simply due to the fact I don’t see a good way to get the controls for the iPod to work correctly with what you are wanting to do. If you get a touchscreen tho, you can keep the controls for aesthetics while having pretty well full functionality of Kodi. Grab a Bluetooth USB adapter (unless the pi zero already has Bluetooth) and a Bluetooth headphone and you’ll be set.

Good luck and let us know the final results:)
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Re: My idea for a raspberry pi project, advice needed?

Postby ZX81v2 » Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:25 pm

...as for coding, PYTHON seems the latest craze for Android/Pi coding.
I have been grabbing lots of books on this language, it seems VERY versatile and LOTS of help is out there from basics to PRO

python-3.6.2 is latest release
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