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Stop fucking texting and driving out there kids!

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Re: Stop fucking texting and driving out there kids!

Postby erik1977 » Thu May 31, 2018 6:59 pm

It's not just texting. There are just too many drivers that aren't paying enough attention while behind the wheel. I was almost run down in a parking lot because an idiot didn't even check his mirrors before backing out. F**k I really hate people some times. :evil:
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Re: Stop fucking texting and driving out there kids!

Postby sasapinjic » Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:02 am

Ah, eternal question , who is to blame , greedy manufactor who will do every possible tactic alowed by law to sell as much as can , or dumb law that alowes them to do as they please (which they, naturally DINT suport using their imense capital and influence)?
I say it is law faulth , curse the law and dont dirty inocent manufactors name !
Realy , stop attacking manufactors people , it is not like they have army od lawyers to protect them self .
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Re: Stop fucking texting and driving out there kids!

Postby RUMBLE » Fri Jun 01, 2018 3:05 pm

Sabkahn wrote:I don´t see why a company should be required to tell you what you aren´t allowed by law anyway. It is you as the citizen that has to check if the action you whant to do is allowed or not. The fact you might not know that something is against the law doesn´t mean that you get a free ticket.

I take it you don't live in the Sue Happy United States. A land where you can sue anyone for anything.
More on that later... Kinda like the tobacco companies NOT telling people that tobacco use may cause cancer. No, not against the law to use tobacco, unless you're a minor, but there were side effects from its use. It wasn't until, I think this is how it went, in the late 60's Readers Digest did a study on long term effects of tobacco use. That is when it came to light what it did. Before that? There wasn't a problem. Well there was but no one was paying enough attention. So, by law, the tobacco companies weren't required to tell you what using their product did. Now they have to.

As for the free ticket. This was an actual court case. A kid, about 17 years old, drag races his car up a street. Killing some people and injuring some others. He was caught. The defense the lawyer used? He came from a privileged family, wealthy, and his parents never told him what was right and what was wrong so he didn't know you shouldn't be drag racing up a street and killing people with your car. He was raised wrong was the defense. That is the kind of bullshit that clogs up the US court system. I didn't use justice system because there are 2 sets of laws for the same things in this country.

Sabkahn wrote: IMO the Problem here aren´t the gun manufacturers, it´s the insanely stupid gun laws in the US. With stricter laws on who can buy wich guns and how you have to keep them would prevent a lot of these killing spree´s. Again, if it´s against the Law anyway a company selling a product shouldn´t be required to tell you that. If you need a gun manufacturer to tell you that you aren´t allowed to point the gun at people and pull the trigger you shouldn´t be allowed to own or even hold a gun in the first place since you are obviously too stupid for something like that.

No, you shouldn't need anyone to tell you the difference between right and wrong, what is harmful, what is not. A company makes a product, doesn't tell you what it does, but shows how much fun it is to use it. (See the commercials that big pharmaceutical companies air to how much easier your life is if you take that pill...) People use the product, then find out it's harmful. Some stop, some keep using it. Then they turn around and sue the company that gave them access to the product, and win.

A person goes through a drive through and orders coffee. Starts driving and spills the coffee on themselves. Ends up in the hospital with burns, turns around and sues the restaurant for the accident, and wins. See? No one told the person who ordered the coffee that that may happen...

Sabkahn wrote: If someone rear ends you at a red light out of stupidity alone that person should never be allowed to pilot any vehicle again in his life ever again, even riding a bike should be out of the question for someone like that. But according to your logic the car company should be required to explain the traffic laws to you anyway during their commercials.

What do you suppose would happen, if the commercial in question, showed that rear end accident, instead of how much fun it is to drive their new car? Well, the car wouldn't sell very well I imagine, which means less money for the company and for government lobbying. Oddly enough, this sort of thing is happening in the US to ISP's.

Well not the traffic accident part, but something very similar. The copyright cartel, wants ISPs to be held accountable for their customers downloading habits. They want the ISPs to tell users that it is wrong to download a movie or song, picture, you get the idea. They are being taken to court, the ISPs, and the ISPs are loosing some of the cases. They want ISPs to educate their customers on what they can and can't download. And if the customers don't comply? They want them disconnected from the service.

Sabkahn wrote: The thing is that tobacco is proven to cause health issues due to the direct use of the product, that is something a customer should be required to know and luckily that is the case here and seems to be the case in the US too.

People know this, because this is what they were told. If you turned back the hands of time, and the Reader's Digest study was never done, if that is how it actually played out, how many people would understand that tobacco use is not healthy for you, if they were never told that it was?

The advertisements only show a bunch of people sitting around smoking and drinking having a good time, none of the bad stuff. Kinda like cell phone advertisements.

Sabkahn wrote: The cell phone as a product on it´s own is not capable to cause injuries unless the product was designed inproperly like it was the case with exploding Samsung Batteries a while ago. The act of sending a text message or calling someone alone isn´t dangerous. The ONLY thing dangerous here is the stupidity of people.

Well, sending a text message can be dangerous actually. There was the incident of the person who was texting and walking and walked off a pier. The problem is, you can't fix stupid.

Sabkahn wrote: Driver´s Ed (hopefully) tells you that you are required to focus all your attention on the traffic around you, common sense dictates that texting on your phone while driving doesn´t allow for it. If companies have to school people about the law in their country and take insane stupidity into account they IMO shouldn´t sell their product in the US in the first place as it would be too risky for the company to fall voctim of a law suit

Common sense seems to be getting weeded out of the human gene pool. More and more people need to be told what is right and what is wrong. Something you should have learned as a kid. However, when the govt stepped in and started telling people how to discipline their kids, what they could and couldn't do, all bets were off.

Sabkahn wrote: Luckily we don´t have those here, the only ones we get here are prescription free drugs like weak to medium Painkillers or something against a cold, and even those always tell you to ask a doctor and / or Pharmacy about the risks the product might have. Because I don´t know the exact Situation of those drug advertisments I´m not going to comment on that.

Those commercials/adds are everywhere here. It even seems like they are inventing things that people may have so they can sell more drugs. Restless Leg Syndrome anyone? Also, some doctors get kickbacks from the drug companies for prescribing their drugs. YouTube skit, John Oliver, Marketing to Doctors. Watch it...

Sabkahn wrote: Again, if people are too dumb to know that texting while driving is dangerous than they shouldn´t be allowed to drive in the first place. IMO anyone who get´s caught doing that, no matter if caused damage, injuries or got someone in danger or not should get their license taken away imediately on the spot without the chance of ever getting it back. Same goes for Idiots that drive drunk or speed with more than 10% above the posted speed limit.

The problem is people either don't know, don't care, or as you state, are too stupid to know the difference.
People were never told that texting and driving was dangerous, but they were told about tobacco.

The kid in the court case was never told that he shouldn't drag race a car in public streets as he may kill people.

The person who ordered the coffee was never told that driving with hot coffee can cause injuries if spilled.

No, you shouldn't have to tell anyone any of this. The main problem is people don't seem to be required to take any responsibility for their actions, and there are less and less consequences for such activity.

I was told that there was an agenda to dumb down society. Seems to be working. I saw these changes take place, well some of them at any rate. Talked to an English teacher. She'd been a teacher for over 15 years. High school level. I asked her if all this technology seems to be making the kids dumber. Her response? Yes it is. At high school, they can't even form a complete sentence. They rely too much on those phones for their daily lives. Oh, there is a study that says cell phone use raises blood pressure, and can cause heart attacks.

The Darwin awards..... Stupidity at its finest....
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