Mothra Dream Battle VMU

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Mothra Dream Battle VMU

Postby duwen » Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:36 pm

I recently picked up one of these...

Unfortunately the originally included mini-game had been wiped - when I received it the vmu only had a PSO save and a SFIII 3rd Strike replay on it.
Does anyone have any idea where I can find the Mothra Dream Battle minigame file so I can restore it to the vmu?
Additionally, it would be cool if I could also find the Gamera Dream Battle game too.

I've already searched through the contents of some of the disks I have (vmutool, etc) in an attempt to track down these files, to no avail. I've also booted up a completed Godzilla Generations save file to see if that unlocks any vmu content, which it doesn't seem to... so, I'm hoping that one of you kind folks has the files they can upload/send, or knows of a disk on the site that contains them, or can point me in the direction of an offsite download.
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