Sony Playstation 2: Hardware Rapair and Modding Tutorials

PS2 HDD Modding Tutorial (HDDOSD
A complete tutorial to modding a PS2 Phat with a hard disk image.
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10 months ago
Playstation 2 Hard Disk Modding Tutorial

Welcome to this PS2 HDD tutorial, we hope to guide you through the full process of getting a working PS2 HDD setup, with as much detail about the programs and options available to you.

What you'll need before we start.
- A Playstation 2 PHAT model, as shown in the picture's below.
- An IDE hard disk drive (recommended), or a SATA drive with an IDE converter (not recommended). The hard disk does not need to be a Sony brand.
- A network adapter for the PS2 Phat (these go for about $5 on Ebay or Amazon).
- A coin or large flathead screwdriver to remove the network adapter, and put it back on the PS2.
- An image of HDDOSD, these can be found in 28-bit or 48-bit experimental versions, and usually come with a copy of WinHIIP and a copy of HDDRawCopy v1.02 Portable.
- (optional) USB to IDE adapter, you may need this for newer computers and laptops, to be able to access an IDE drive.
- (optional) USB to SATA adapter, you may need this for older computers and laptops, to be able to access a SATA drive.

Step 1 - Hooking up the HDD to the PC. (You can skip this step if using uLaunch on an already modified hard drive.)
The first thing you will need to do is get a hard drive, this can be any IDE hard drive, or any SATA drive with an IDE to SATA converter board (not recommended). If it's already inside the PS2 Phat simply unscrew the two screws holding the Network Adapter onto the PS2, and then slowly pull the network adapter (with hard drive attached) away from the PS2. Now you'll need to attach it to a computer for use, either directly hooking it up to the motherboard, or using a USB adapter.

Step 2 - Formatting the disc for usage on a PS2. (Recommended)
Formatting your HDD is not needed but is highly recommended.
If the drive is hooked up to your PC, then you need to launch WinHIIP.exe, and select the Toxic OS mode, and set "Erase Mode" to Full. After formatting select either the 28-bit loader or the 48-bit loader (which should only be used on drives above 128gb).

Step 3 - Copying the image to the hard drive.
First you need to start your image copy software, HDD RawCopy 1.02 Portable should be included with your package. After that double click on the "Double Click to Open File", select the image file you wish to apply (it should have .imgc as a file extension.) After that click "Continue >>>>", and then select the hard disk you wish to copy the image to (if you can't tell what the model number is, be sure and check capacity, and then DOUBLE CHECK.) Click the start button, and you will be prompted 1 final time before it starts writing the data. Depending on the image and disk size, it will stop before it hits 100%. This is normal.

Step 4 - Inserting the Hard Drive into the PS2.
Remove the hard drive from the computer, or detach it from the USB adapter. Next you need to attach the network adapter to the hard drive, and gently slide it into the PS2. Screw the screws with either a coin or a large flathead screwdriver to firmly attach the network adapter to the PS2.

Step 5 - Testing your new PS2 hard drive.
The PS2 may take up to 15 to seconds to start, once it does you will presented with 2 choices, Browser or System Configuration. Press the "?" (triangle button) to view Version Information, if you see 'Browser 2.00" congratulations, the hard drive and image is working. Now you can access the HDD icon from the Browser menu, which will contain your hard disks applications and games.

Frequently Asked Questions
What can I use a modded hard disk Playstation 2 for?
A great number of things! A modded PS2 hard drive can be used to load applications (using the Browser, BB Navigator, OPL, uLe). A very large amount of commercial games for the PS2 can be copied to the hard drive and played directly from it.

Does the HDD OSD require FMCB or swap discs?
No, the HDD OSD has no requirements other than a PS2 Phat with network adapter, HDD, and the proper image written to it.

Can I use any IDE hard disk in my Playstation 2?
Using this method you should be able to use any IDE drive, of any size (48-bit required for full access on drives greater than 128gb). For laptop IDE hard drives a converter is required to use the 40-pin and molex connector on the Network Adapter.

Can I use a SATA hard disk in my Playstation 2?
Yes, but this requires a SATA to IDE converter, and many times requires you to either modify the network adapter, or cut out the front of the Playstation where the hard drive is to make it all fit.

So where can I get the disk images?
Right here on TiZ!
Click here for the 48-bit experimental version which also works in 28-bit mode, and comes packaged with some games and a PSone emulator built in.
Click here for a version with PlayStation BB Navigator
Finally we have this small version, which features only the most essential tools
Be sure and check the comments below for more links in the future to hard disk images.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Written by vash32 and GoldenAxeWarrior
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Humanfly138 View Profile
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10 months ago
Well done chaps
ZX81v2 View Profile
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10 months ago
Can I use any IDE hard disk in my Playstation 2?

BEWARE OF Western Digital Drives - Some of them DO NOT FIT AS IDE Connectors are offset
from a standard IDE config, you can't plug in Network Adapter/HDD !
Other than WD, yeah most drives work, even older 5600 spin. Great Tutorial eather way
top Marks vash32 'n' GoldenAxeWarrior.
atreyu187 View Profile
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10 months ago
Just what I have been after a well written easy to read guide. A+ knockout job, now time to dig up the PS2!!
Gucek View Profile
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8 months ago
hello. is there any way to install HDD OSD on disk with data?
atreyu187 View Profile
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8 months ago
Please use the forums for that so we can properly help you instead of cluttering this board. We can go in depth to help there.
premiumplayer View Profile
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7 months ago
@ zx81v2 Western Digital's will work . You just have to modify the network adapter to fit it. It's been a while but if i remember right all you do is remove the flashing and trim the plastic with a pocket knife.
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