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How To Use Xbox Hard Drive Maker (xboxhdm)
In depth tutorial explaining how to use the xboxhdm tool with step by step instructions!
Posted by Anonymous 8 years ago
caution: unproper use of xboxhdm can nuke your hd ( as long as you have your eeprom you can always recover), Read the tutorial carefully, if you are unsure/confused of anything ask here..may be it will save you some trouble.

note;As pictures are worth thousand words so I will use more pictures/screenshots then I write. It will also be easier for you and noobs. Please wait a few secs for the pictures to load. Dial-upper have to wait more for the pictures to load. The pictures are hosted in a free website. If anyone can offer dedicated hosting for the pictures then let me know.

note for xboxhdm incase of image is nonbootable or you get cannot found linux cd-rom error ( I got): in new xboxhdm 1.7 ( downloaded from both xbox-scene and xbins, xboxhdm>linux>isolinux>boot.cat is named as linux.boot but the make-iso-win hasnt ben updated, change xboxhdm>linux>isolinux>linux.boot to boot.cat to fix the problem


1. xboxhdm ver. 1.7 ( current version 1.9)

2. Slayers Disk 2.6 final ( for dash version 5960.01)

How to get: Usual places


1. Unpack xboxhdm_v1.6

2. After you unpack you find this files under xboxhdm folder:
1. linux ( folder)
2. cygwin1.dll
3. make-DOS-floppy.bat
4. make-iso-lin.sh
5. make-iso-win.bat
6. mkisofs.exe
7. rawrite.exe

there is also some other readme files but u need these files.

3. Copy files for xbox C: drive from slayers disk and put the files in xboxhdm's linux>C folder.

4. copy your xbox's eeprom.bin to linux>eeprom folder

5. Double click on make-iso-win.bat, it will bringup command prompt and dump the bootable iso same folder.


6. Burn the iso with your favorite burning program.


1. Put you cd/dvd drive in primary slave and xbox hard drive in primary master ( I didnt tested with secondery master and slave).


2. Unlock your xbox hard drive and put it to the primary master. ( If you can, unless there is procedure later)


After you boot to xboxhdm choose "3"(Boot linux with locking/unlocking utilities).

You will see this screen:


write "unlockhd -a" and press enter to unlock you hard drive. make sure you have eeprom.bin in linux>eeprom folder.

BOOTING XBOXHDM ( First setup your computer to boot from cd):

After you boot you will see this screen:


now press enter to boot into console and you will be in this screen:


now write "xboxhd" and press enter, if you xbox hd in the master you will see this screen:


write "yes" and press enter and you will be in the option screen:


if you had your eeprom.bin in the linux>eeprom folder and your hd is still locked then write "6" and press enter. xboxhdm will calculate your hd key and password and unlock the hd.Write down the info.


your hd in now unlocked so you can perform the necessary operations.press enter and you will be in the option screen


After unlocking the hd, write "1" in option screen and press enter. It will bring this screen:


write "yes" and press enter, now it will build the partition table and reboot:



After rebooting go to option screen. Write "2" and press enter. After you hit enter it will ask you to write "yes" or "no". Write "yes" and press enter. first it will format your C: drive:


and then if you have proper files in the cd it will copy the files from cd to C: drive, you can also use this option to downgrade dash if you dont have a memcard to do savegame exploit:


write "yes" and hit enter. C: drive will be copied from cd.


To upgrade your hard-drive do all the above steps. Then again come to the Option screen of xboxhdm. Write "4" and press enter. Now xboxhdm will scan your hd tell you if you can have F: drive or not. If you can you will be asked to write "yes" or "no". Write "yes" and press enter. It will make the partition table and reboot:


After you reboot, once again go to option screen and press "4" again. Your F: drive will be build:


And now you are done.


In the welcome screen type "3" and press enter, xbxohdm will list available drives attached with primary and secondery ide cable:


in my case my formatted xbox hd is attached with primary master, cd-drive with primary slave and another new blank hd with secondery master. so to start cloning first you have to enter your xbox hd's address in my case its "hda". so type "hda" and press enter. from the picture you can see theres another hard drive attached to secondery slave and its "hdc" so enter "hdc" as destination drive and press enter. Now it will ask for confermation. type "yes" and press enter and ur hd will be cloned.

note: cloning takes extremely long time and there is no progress indicator.. wait around 2-3 hour to clone a complete 120gb drive. For cloning stock drives, it takes abouta hour.


now wait few minutes to finish the job. it took me arount 12 minutes to clone the hd with nothing extra in xbox hd ( no games, apps, movies only the orinal files) and F: drive formatted. If you have more stuff in ur xbxo hd it will take more time.

make sure your new hd is unlocked first and then locked when you are done by the following method.


After you boot to xboxhdm choose "3"(Boot linux with locking/unlocking utilities).

You will see this screen:


write "lockhd" or "unlockhd" and press enter to lock or unlock you hard drive. make sure you have eeprom.bin in linux>eeprom folder.

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5 years ago
where are the pics?
Jodo901 View Profile
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5 years ago
This was copied from the old site, here's the full tut with the pics - http://www.xboxisozone.com/tutorial/4/h ... dm%29.html
segadream131 View Profile
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2 years ago
That link above died.....well it works.....if you want to know if you got the first down or not.
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6 months ago
Does anyone have the pictures?
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