6 Things to Look for When Buying a 4K Portable Monitor – 2024 Guide


Technology is improving every day and it makes our lives a lot easier. Logically, we are not all using it for the same purposes. Some people will use it only for work and communication with clients, employees, and customers. On the other hand, others would use it to make their free time more entertaining. They will play games, watch movies, listen to music, etc.

However, for the best possible experience, you would want to buy a computer or laptop that has some amazing characteristics. The first thing you should have in mind is purchasing a 4K portable monitor. It is an excellent and multi-practical tool that you can use for different purposes. For instance, if you are playing games, you will have a better gaming experience with it. On the other hand, graphic designers, web designers, and other professions that work with technology all time will make their work hours more comfortable.

Fortunately, finding a 4K portable monitor is no longer a problem. You can, for instance, check out lumonitor.com after reading this article. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should trust us 100%. It is much better to understand precisely what you are looking for and which benefits you expect to get. That is the reason why we would want to highlight all the things to look for when buying a 4K portable monitor. By applying the tips below, you will know whether you are making the right decision or not. Because of that, let’s go!

1. Size Does Matter

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This is probably one of the moments when size truly matters. It is a factor that you need to follow before spending your money. If you plan to use your monitor for games, or you plan to transport it from time to time from your office to your home, then larger ones are going to be the right choice.

Yet, does that rule count for people that are traveling all the time? The answer to that question is no. For instance, let’s imagine that you need to bring your 4K portable monitor every day to your university. It can be hard to carry the bigger ones all the time. Despite that, you are exposing your monitor to a higher level of risk, and there are big chances you will accidentally damage it.
If you can’t determine the right size of the portable monitor is, then we have one tip for you – pick the sweet spot! This means that you should pick those monitors with sizes between 12 and 17 inches. You can carry that monitor whenever you go outside, and enjoy the benefits it brings.

2. Weight Matters as Well

This is a factor that most people forget about. When you determine that you need a smaller monitor, that doesn’t mean it should not be lightweight as well. That factor is especially important for people that are carrying their monitor every day in their backpacks. You will, sooner or later, notice that your back is starting to hurt you. Things will be probably even worse if you are carrying your monitor inside a shoulder bag.

Anyway, there is another reason why the weight of the monitor matters. Whenever you travel by a plain, you will need to prepare yourself to pay even more money for transportation of your stuff. This may not seem like a relevant thing at first, but it would be good to have it in your subconsciousness.

3. Look for Simplicity

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It doesn’t matter if you are familiar with monitors or you are a person that does not know a lot about technology. You should look for those monitors that are simple and easy to use. Setting up a portable monitor must not be science. Because of that, you should look for those products that feature plug-n-play compatibility. This will allow you to connect your portable monitor to a laptop without investing a lot of effort. Despite that, it will also be more comfortable to carry all the equipment in a bag when there are not a bunch of cables you have to bring.

Additionally, we recommend you check out which USB ports the monitor you want to buy has. Most of them have type A and type C and they both ensure a good quality of display.

4. Power of the Battery

The built-in battery of at least 5000mAH is mandatory for every high-quality 4K portable monitor. This will ensure that you can use your monitor for a decent amount of time. Imagine how it would look that your battery becomes empty while you are at an important business meeting. This is something you would definitely want to avoid for sure.

It is hard to determine what type of battery is going to be the best for your needs. You may want to check out the lithium-ion ones that are small, but their capacity and power are strong.

In the end, always purchase monitors that allow you to use USB cables. Carrying those monitors that do not allow you that will make things challenging because you probably won’t find the place to recharge the battery.

5. What about Touchscreen Capability?

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Not every person is looking for a portable 4K monitor that has touchscreen capability. However, if you need it (gamers often need it), then you should definitely look for those that come with that type of feature.

Still, there are two things that you need to have in mind when purchasing these models. First of all, they require more power which can be a problem if you are traveling all the time. On the other hand, their price is often higher compared to others. However, we believe there is no reason to hesitate; this investment will pay off in the end.

6. Last But Not Least – Durability

There is a good reason why you are looking for a portable monitor. You are probably going from one place to another all the time. Because of that, you need to understand that there is always a chance you can damage your monitor accidentally.

That is the reason why durability is an essential factor that you need to look for when buying a 4K portable monitor. Because of that, ensure that the model you want to purchase comes with protective sleeves. If that doesn’t seem enough to you, there is always an option to get the aftermarket protectors.