How Do Beautiful Women Cool Themselves During the Hot Summer Months?


Not only children and senior citizens can have problems when it comes to the scorching temperatures, both literally and figuratively, during the summer months, which can reach up to 35 or even 40 degrees Celsius. Beautiful women can also “suffer” from this point of view, even though, from the outside, this is great news since it means that they wear fewer and fewer clothes, revealing more and more skin. However, for them, it’s not quite pleasant, especially since they put a lot of emphasis on the way they look and they always want to be impeccable from all points of view.

Luckily for them or for you, if you belong to this category, by reading this article further, you’ll find out the best methods through which beautiful women… cool themselves during the hot months of June, July, and August (as if they weren’t cool enough already!). Of course, most of the tips and approaches we’ll present to you next don’t necessarily represent absolute news, but maybe the heat overwhelmed you and you didn’t think about these options. Without further ado, here they are (and don’t forget to tell us, in the comments section, which one is your favorite from the list):

1. Ice cold drinks

First of all, the most accessible plan is, of course, to enjoy an ice-cold drink, that will not only refresh you and delight you but, most importantly, lower your body temperature to a more bearable value, literally and figuratively. By far the most recommended such drink is ice water since we’re talking about the only liquid that can… hydrate you enough and which is 100% beneficial for the human body, helping it to carry out all its internal processes at optimal parameters.

However, there are plenty of other delicious options, such as iced coffee specialties, sodas, lemonade with ice and honey, cocktails, mocktails (without alcohol), slushies, and so on. Besides the fact that they taste incredibly good and look extraordinary, all of these still fulfill the role of cooling you down when you need it the most. So, simply choose your favorite, depending on your mood, the time of day, and the setting you are in.

2. Going to the pool

The second most obvious choice, if you’re looking to refresh and cool down, is going to the pool. Nothing really compares to a beautiful day spent on the deckchair, under the sunshade, while enjoying one of the previously mentioned drinks or, even better, a large ice cream with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberries, which approaches the melting point. Of course, you can’t miss swimming in the pool, but you have to be careful to use a cream with a sufficiently high protection factor, so as not to burn your skin.

The cold drops of water on your chest, hands, and face will cool you down instantly and give you incomparable sensations that will make you shiver slightly. Of course, we must not forget that you’ll get the chance to show off your body in your favorite bathing suit, accessorized with your most spectacular bracelets, rings, and necklace. Don’t be afraid to show as much skin as possible, especially since it will be caressed by the light breezes of the wind.

3. Rubbing an ice cube


Another solution, which can even have therapeutic effects, not only cooling ones, is to rub an ice cube on different parts of your body. For example, on your forehead for concentration and getting rid of headaches and migraines, on your face and chest for cooling down, or on your hands and feet for getting rid of various pains. It’s almost the same as in the case of the cold cucumber slices that you apply during spa sessions – same effect, same great sensations.

Of course, who are we to tell you what to do? With an ice cube, you can also explore various erogenous zones on your body, as we can assure you that the sensations will be among the most pleasant. Needless to say, the touch of the ice cube on your skin will have an instant effect, helping you to cool down much faster than through other methods. All the more so as an ice cube can be found in any freezer. Simply unbutton your shirt and “play” with the ice cube on your chest, in a short 5-minute relaxation break.

4. Choosing the right clothes

During summer, it’s very important to make sure that you choose the perfect clothes not only to look good but also to help your body stay at a bearable temperature. In this sense, choose loose T-shirts and airy shirts, made of materials that “breathe” (such as cotton or silk), and don’t opt for tight-fitting clothes, because they retain sweat. Also, choose only light colors (white, beige, cream, blue, yellow) instead of dark ones (black, brown, dark red, or green), also in order not to create additional pressure on the body and skin.

We assure you that there are elegant solutions from all points of view, both to be in trend and look extraordinary, as well as to protect your body against unbearable heat. After all, a young lady of your “caliber” can handle any situation perfectly and a few extra degrees Celsius in thermometers certainly don’t represent too much of a challenge.

5. Getting rid of all the clothes


Last but not least, the simplest solution is to undress completely. Of course, you can’t do that in public, but, as the beautiful women from the top Birmingham escort agency will tell you, there are options. For example, after they are booked and meet a handsome, strong, and rich gentleman, they first have dinner, at one of the most luxurious restaurants in the city, then they head over to the mall for a quick shopping spree, followed by the last stop of the night, accommodation in a room of an extravagant hotel. There, the clothes will fall off and the action can begin!

In conclusion, from your point of view, what is the best and most efficient way to cool down during the summer?