Top 8 Advantages Of Custom Mobile App Development


Do you have a strong mobile app strategy for your business?

Custom mobile apps are excellent marketing tools for you to use. There are various reasons about why you may need a custom mobile app. Like designing applications for your customers is one.

Supplementing your marketing strategy and streamlining internal operations is another.

What exactly is Custom Mobile App Development?

Companies go for custom application development either for a single user or set of users.  Bespoke software is built to answer unique requirements inside an organization.

Stats about the growth of mobile applications:

  • In 2020, as many as 86.7 billion apps were downloaded through Google Play. And 24.3 billions apps were downloaded through the App Store (iOS) the same year. Isn’t that a staggering figure that you can’t fathom?

This confirms that there will definitely be a thriving demand for bespoke mobile applications.

  • Whenever it comes to worldwide market dominance, Android has the upper hand with 71.7 percent. Followed by iOS with 27.57 percent as claimed by GlobalStats. But, this does not imply you should ignore iOS app development.
  • Sensor Tower states that mobile app downloads have soared by 23.3 percent. But an observation to note. This was ever since the epidemic started.

Common Services vs. Customized Mobile App Development


Personalized mobile apps offer several advantages. They assist you in meeting your business requirements. And while you may think these are off-the-shelf-mobile apps, they are so much better than those. Yes, the generic off-the-shelf applications are quite luring with their ease, and low prices. For your business, it may make sense to invest in an Android app development company. So, what are the custom mobile app development features you need? How can your company benefit from it?

The Top Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development

What are some of the distinguishing features of bespoke mobile app development services?

1. Efficiency

Fusion, internet, and non-custom applications are less expensive.  They are slow, inefficient, and do not function well across platforms. These applications are not tailored to your needs. They may wind up confounding you and your consumers in user flow – even in customer experience.

2. Protection

Now, general-purpose business apps may fit the bill. However, they will be developed to the platform’s specs. As a result, it may not provide the level of security that you want. Native and bespoke applications conform to robust OS provider platform criteria. So, these apps may accommodate your demands by being exceedingly secure if necessary.

3. Scalability


Custom apps are built to manage more data than you expect. This enables these apps to scale up in the event of a necessity. Ensuring that your consumers get a smooth experience right out of the gate.  You get limited by the limits of those platforms in terms of UI and loudness when using third-party apps.

4. Ease of maintenance

Because there are few third-party quirks to deal with, custom apps are easy to maintain. The whole platform is specifically developed for your firm. Guaranteeing that you get clear, concise code that meets your needs. And is simple to debug for novice programmers.

5. User Experience


If you want your app to have a low churn rate, the UI must be smooth and user-friendly. An intelligent mobile development business will perform user surveys. It will return to the drawing board several times. Only to guarantee that your consumers get the experience they need.

6. Compatibility

Bespoke applications get developed to meet your specific needs.  You can be confident that they will work on most, if not all, of the platforms that your users are likely to use. Custom applications can ensure that they work correctly. On whichever mobile platform a user may throw at them. Which results in fewer problems and user attrition.

7. Brand Identity


A bespoke app can assist you in designing the app in the way that best matches your brand identity. This may also help you avoid the generic user interfaces accessible online today. It also guarantees that your app represents the same corporate identity. Even logos for your office, website, and other items.

8. High Visibility and communication

Since consumers spend so much time on their smartphones. A bespoke app with your distinctive logo and brand identity will be prominent. Your consumers will be far more likely to recognize the app and your company’s products. Businesses may also use custom applications to offer cautions within the app. Which would keep users interested.

Although developing your app may be a time-consuming and laborious process.

We know that hiring the ideal mobile application developer can take time. Developing a bespoke app in-house isn’t the easiest task either. So, why not hire experts to help do it for you?