What Triggers a Jackpot on a Slot Machine?


You might not know this, but slots are one of the most popular gambling games in the world. After all, it’s quite easy to enjoy this game, especially since all you’ll need to do is sit down, place a wager, and simply watch the reels spin. Enjoying slots is easy, but if you have never won a jackpot, you might be wondering what triggers it. To understand what causes a jackpot, here is what you need to know about how these machines work:

How Does it Work?

As you already know, slots always feature three or more reels – depending on the game you opt for playing – and each of them represents a wide range of symbols. If you enjoy playing on physical machines, you’ll most like have twenty or more symbols per reel, however, online slots most commonly feature over 200 symbols, with, of course, millions of combinations that you could get. The combinations that you bet on are referred to as pay lines.

So, How Can I Win The Jackpot?

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The tech behind slots, the one that drives them and allows them to function is called a random number generator. It can generate hundreds of thousands of numbers per second, with each of them being connected to different combinations of symbols. Whether you’ll win a round or lose one will be determined by that number generator at the exact moment you activate the round. If the symbols match your pay line, you’ll, of course, win.

Now, you might be wondering – is it possible to predict a win? Well, no. According to Joo Casino, each and every spin is completely independent, which means that they’re random and unrelated to the previous spins you had and they aren’t connected to the spins you receive in the future. Thus, even if you tried really hard to follow all the symbols and numbers, it would be quite impossible and daunting for you to predict what you’ll receive during your next spin.

You should also keep in mind that there are various types of these machines. For example, some might allow you to opt for how many pay lines you’ll bet on per each round, and how much you wish to wager. So, before playing a bet, you should try and learn what each round would cost you, the odds of you winning, what the pay lines are, the return you receive, as well as anything else that’ll help you determine and increase your chances of winning.

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If you were wondering about the house advantage, you should know that some slots could be programmed to pay a lower or higher reward, however, in most cases, the average house advantage is approximately eight percent, which basically means that the players will receive a 92 percent return if they win. This means that it’ll be more daunting for you to win a round of slots than it would be to win a table game such as poker.


Although most people think that there is a system that triggers a jackpot on a slot machine, this isn’t true, mostly because the winning combination is determined by a random number generator system, one that cannot be rigged. Since you now know how slots work, you shouldn’t lose time. Instead, you might want to opt for an online platform and from there, enjoy playing some slots and hope that you end up in a really big win.