7 Useful Online Tools to Help Make Programming Easier


The market of the entire world has changed together with the development of advanced technology. The majority of people in the world are using Internet technology daily. They are using it for different purposes. For instance, some people use it for purchasing, others use it to develop their business, etc. These needs raised the demand for quality programmers. Despite that, it made this industry highly profitable. Because of that, many young adults of today plan to participate in this field.

There is one crucial thing that we need to say to all the people. Being a programmer is not easy at all. You need to be prepared to sit in front of a computer for many hours and work hard. As we said, the salary/profit you can have is high, but that doesn’t mean everyone should become a programmer. Coding truly needs to be your passion if you plan to be better than others. Because of that, do not try to become a programmer just because of the good earnings. There are many industries out there that can bring you money and be your passion at the same time.

People from this industry strive to find useful online tools to make programming easier. Fortunately, you came to the right place. The solidarity between these people exists. Because of that, you can find many apps, software, and platforms that will make things easier. Let’s find them out together and make your life easier.

1. Google Chrome

Source: Urban City

You might be confused when you see that one web browser is on this list. However, our goal is to cover all the aspects of coding, and Chrome truly brings some benefits. This especially counts when we talk about diagnosing and editing current problems quickly.

The web browser has a built-in DevTools that will help you do that promptly. Despite that, you can find a huge number of plugins and extensions that will make coding easier. We recommend you research the browser well and see which options you have.

2. Codewars

Source: GitHub

Being a successful programmer means that you need to improve your knowledge actively. The technology is improving fast and you need to be ready to adapt to the changes. Learning different tricks is possible if you are open to different small challenges. Well, there is an online tool that can ensure you that.

With Codewars, you will get a huge number of small challenges associated with most complex languages. This might not be a challenging tool for a well-experienced coder. However, it is a perfect place for beginners that want to test their knowledge.

Logically, different stages are graded by difficulty. After you finish the job, you will see the best possible solutions in the end. In this way, you will know easier ways to accomplish more difficult tasks.

3. “Do My Homework” Online Tools

Source: We Heart

Being a student that strives to become a successful programmer is tough. Indeed, this is a great way to get used to the workflow that you will have in the future. However, it can be quite tough in the beginning to adapt to that routine. There are many duties that you will have at college and students have to perfectly organize their time. Yet, they sometimes need assistance to finish their programming homework.

Fortunately, the more experienced experts are aware of this problem. More precisely, they went through that period and they know exactly how tough it can be. Many online tools can handle programming and coding assignments upon request. If this seems like a great opportunity for you, we recommend you checkĀ this website.

4. Slack

Source: Asana

Most of the projects in the programming world are complex and huge. Because of that, it is hard to believe that one person can accomplish everything. It is necessary to have a team of experts to finish the project successfully. Still, highly-developed skills won’t be enough if the communication is bad. Fortunately, there is an app that can ensure you more than just chat.

This program is an instant messaging system that allows users to chat in groups and individually. Yet, they can also easily share any type of digital asset. Despite that, the app will save the entire discussion in a searchable database.

5. Vim

Source: Medium

The programming geeks know very-well that text editor is crucial for quality work. Fortunately, different text editors can make things easier. For instance, there are also Sublime Text and Atom as good alternatives to Vim. However, there are certain reasons why programmers prefer to use this one.

First of all, the online tool offer features such as strong replace and search functionality. Many useful plugins will make the job even easier as well. We have to highlight that app is not quite user-friendly.

6. Trello

Source: Business 2 Community

As we said, most of the projects that you will face as a programmer are complex. In every moment, you need to know what exactly you need to do. Because of that, this program can become your best friend.

Trello is a cloud-based project management app that allows programmers to organize their projects. It will separate your duties into mini-tasks and to-do lists. When you have that sort of a list in front of you, you will easily see where you stand at a glance. Forgetting about certain stages won’t be possible.

7. SearchCode

Source: Pinterest

There are different ways of how you can improve your coding skills. However, the theory in this field won’t be useful at all. You are truly improving your skills when you face the current problem that requires a solution. Yet, what if you get stuck for some reason?

Well, at that moment, this can be quite an invaluable resource. You will have the chance to find more than 20 billion lines of code in one place. They all come from more than 7 million real-life projects. Learning from other programmers is the best possible way to become better. You will see how they solved the problem that you have. Next time, you won’t have the problem to handle the current issue.


All these online tools are useful in different ways. We recommend you carefully analyze each one and see if they match your needs. It is great that we can all make the job that is our passion easier. In this way, you will start loving it even more!