7 Ways to Protect Your Network and Devices From Cryptojacking in 2024


Although you can make a lot of money through cryptocurrency, safety and security still raise some questions. Not everyone can be smart enough to prevent hacking attacks. Therefore, the trend of Crytpojacking is also increasing.

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How does cryptojacking works

To prevent cryptojacking, you have to first know how it works and how you can prevent it. Hackers will either send some link in your email, as you click on that link, your computer gets hacked. Other than that, they also use some phishing tactics. You might get the link on some website.

So if you want to avoid being hacked, do not click on unnecessary links. There is not a single method of hacking, that is why you have to be extra careful while using the internet. You should not share your account information on websites.

Even if you have to use your digital account for online payments, you can make more than one wallet. Use only one account for online transactions. Also, do not keep a large sum of money in that account.

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How can hacking be spotted?

Cryptojacking is nothing like the usual hacking and malware software. If your system gets infected with some sort of virus, it will detect it easily. But cryptojakcing is not something that can be detected that easily.

It remains hidden and runs in the background without the user knowing. If you keep a record of your system performance, you might detect the virus. It makes the processor reach out to its maximum performance. Therefore, if you observe your system running at full performance even during the downtime, there is something off.

How can miner malware be avoided?

Cryptojacking is difficult to detect. Especially for common people who are not so sharp at these things, these malware programs can seriously harm them. Therefore, the best thing that you can do is to avoid getting infected.

Mining malware is also similar to cyberattacks. It has to get into your system to cause the damage. If it is not in your system, it won’t be harmful to you. So the only thing that you have to ensure is the safety of your system.

You can avoid mining malware by avoiding spam emails and unwanted downloads from websites. The hackers will send some links or downloadable material to you by email. As soon as you click on that, the virus will enter into your system.

You can also try some of these methods to avoid getting the virus.

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Cryptojacking malware protection

You can get some level of protection if your system already has the anti-phishing or antivirus software running in the background. But that is not enough for cryptojacking. It requires specialized software programs. So if you want to keep your system and cryptocurrency safe, you have to use them.

Companies should arrange regular training sessions so that their employees know about malware awareness. In addition, they will come to know more about the system protection.

Avoiding the risk

Prevention is better than cure. Have you heard that? Now it’s time to practice it. If you get any unrelated mail, a spam message, or email, do not download it. If you are surfing the internet and get any downloadable link, do not click on that.

Why would you even download anything unrelated to you?

So, always use secure websites and browsers. The websites that start from the URL “https:// “ are usually secure. Avoid getting involved with unnecessary links and downloads. If you want to download anything, use the proper platform.

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What to do if you have got the virus already?

Even if you have got the virus and want to know what to do next, we have some tips for you. The first thing that you can do is to use the latest technology to deal with jacking. And now you have to fight back.

1. Block the cryptojacking malware

You can take a start from blocking the malware so that it won’t affect the daily working. You have to use “Deep Learning” and “file Scanning” techniques to block the malware at the endpoint and at the gateway.

2. Block unsecured websites

Use hosting JavaScript miners to block all the unsecure websites that bring a risk of viruses. It is best to block them so that no one can accidentally download a jacking virus.

3. Blocking exploit techniques

Not only websites but blocking the exploit techniques is also equally important. Such techniques play an important role in spreading malware during the attacking. So if you want to stop the spread of malware at any point in the attack chain, you have to block it.

Source: AVG

4. Put applications on 100 % visibility

This is the best thing to know about the performance of the application. So is you want to block them in the future, you will know. Even if you want to keep them running, you would be able to manage it conveniently.

5. Stop installation of malicious applications

To prevent mining on your mobile phone and other gadgets, you have to disable the automatic installation of apps. Thus, before installing any app on your mobile, the system will ask your permission for it. It is a great way to prevent jacking attacks.

6. Enhance awareness about cryptojacking

Most of your employees might not be aware of cryptojacking. Therefore, it is really important to let them know so that they can avoid getting entrapped by it. So, it would be best if you incorporated the awareness about cryptojacking in your employee training sessions.

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7. Maintain proper security

The security system will be the first line of defense against all types of viruses. So if you want to prevent cryptojacking, you have to ensure a strong security system. Other than that, you can also set up a strong password and make awareness about security among your employees. Such practices prevent a lot of attacks at the first stage.