SharePoint Managed Services: Not Just An Adorable Face (Or Is It?)


Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based business intelligence application that aids both small and large enterprises to increase efficiency and productivity. The user interface of SharePoint is similar to the interface of Microsoft Office 365. Nevertheless, the software is also known for rendering an excellent user experience.

Users must also update and install the security patches to increase data safety for the business. If you do not update the patches regularly, you may experience many technical glitches. However, the user experience will remain smooth and satisfying when you update the software regularly. Find professional SharePoint development services if you want managed SharePoint services.


Managed SharePoint Services at a Glance

The most important thing is to understand the services available with the managed SharePoint solutions. Many companies offer managed SharePoint services, and thus services may vary from one company to another. However, a few things will be common in all managed SharePoint services, and those things are:

  • Customization: Users need to customize the SharePoint web application as per their uses and requirements. You can customize the project management tools, document management systems, document sharing options, and many other preferences. A managed SharePoint service provider will customize the application depending on your requirements.
  • Integration: Most companies prefer managed services today for SharePoint integration solutions. The managed SharePoint services offer integration with social media platforms, email clients, and many more. Integrating other applications with SharePoint is a complicated matter. You will encounter many glitches during the integration process if you have limited technical knowledge.
  • Reporting: Depending on monitoring your SharePoint environment, a managed service provider will prepare and deliver reports. The reports will contain the system’s state and performance of these solutions. Managed SharePoint services to analyze master page functionality, search configuration, security configuration, farm configuration, custom web parts, authentication, networking, etc.
  • Migration: Managed SharePoint services offer consultation on the migration of SharePoint On-premise to SharePoint Online. Migrating to SharePoint Online brings more convenience, as the platform becomes accessible from different devices. These services offer flawless migration service. The process will be less time-consuming and accurate.


Using the managed SharePoint services has many benefits for small and large enterprises. Managed services reduce your hassles and prevent time wastage. In the following section, find the detailed benefits of managed SharePoint services.

1. Monthly Security Check

For many businesses, data privacy is the biggest concern nowadays. Using a third-party application to manage projects and business intelligence reports enhances data security risk. For keeping the SharePoint environment secured, updating security patches regularly is essential. The managed services review the monthly security features and update them when required. As a result, your business data remains confidential.

2. Focus on the Projects

For a business, the projects are priorities. But, many business managers spend time updating the security patches and add-ons of the SharePoint platform. While performing these tasks, they pay lesser attention to project management. Therefore, the quality of the output becomes compromised. Many businesses cannot render quality solutions to their clients for this reason. With these services, you do not have to spend time dealing with security updates, plug-in updates, etc. The service provider will take care of these things, and thus you can focus more on the projects.


3. Zero Wastage of Time

Updating the SharePoint features and security patches is a time-consuming task. You cannot waste precious working hours dealing with software updates. These services take care of those updates. Thus, you do not have to waste time on them.

4. System Performance Checking

The managed SharePoint services periodically test the performance of the system. When performance is not optimum, they upgrade hardware assembly to render faster services to the users. Thus, manager SharePoint will always be seamless and fast-performing.


5. Help Desk for Users

In case of any technical glitches, you do not have to spend the whole day diagnosing the errors and learning the solutions. These services are there to assist you in such cases. You can contact the help desk to learn the best solutions for technical glitches.

Overall, SharePoint is an advanced tool for business intelligence, project management, and document sharing. The managed SharePoint services at ITCube Solutions will make using the software a hassle-free experience.