10 Best Video Tripods in 2024


It doesn’t matter if you are a professional filmmaker or you love to film videos, anyways you will need a proper video tripod. It’s not essential if you have a cheaper or more expensive camera, the video tripod will help you. On the market, there are a lot of different devices with various features. However, to make the best decision, you will have to know what choices you have. That’s why we decided to make this article and to make a choice easier for you.

We researched a lot of different devices and considering various factors, and we decided to make the list of 10 best video tripods that you can find on the market in 2024. Take a peek.

1. Manfrotto MVK502AQ Video Tripod with MVH502A Head

Source: Manfrotto

The device is the best option that you can find right now. Also it’s one of the best fixthephoto video tripods. This tripod is perfect for those who look for a mobile model. It has perfect equity between flexibility and strength. The great thing about it is that it has a 20 kg payload, and that is a great feature. Also, it’s effortless to pack it and to adjust legs, so for sure, and it will last for a long time. The legs can be with a rubber or spike, and you can use it inside and outside without any troubles.

Pros: Amazing payload

Cons: The spreader could support more massive kit

2. Velbon Videomate 638 Video Tripod with PH-368 Fluid Head

Source: Velbon

The device comes with a great price and some great features. However, it’s suitable for smaller devices as it has only 4kg payload. Velbon Videomate can easily switch to hand shooting, and it has a fast setup. Another feature of this device is 1.98 kg head weight, which provides a natural movement of the camera.

Pros: Great price, Is not heavy

Cons: It could have a bigger payload

3. Miller 1514 DS20 Tripod System

Source: Miller

Miller 1514 represents one of the most amazing devices on the market, together with Manfrotto MVK502AQ. Miller can give support up to 10 kg, and thanks to the carbon fiber, it’s light, but it can support a lot. Thanks to the feature, this can be your choice at any point in your career. The device provides a fast change of the batteries and lenses.

Pros: Great height

Cons: It comes with two legs sections

4. Camlink TP Professional Video Tripod

Source: Camlink

If you work a lot on some tricky surfaces, then this device can be a good option for you. With three legs, Camlink offers excellent stability, which is a superb characteristic. You can quickly move the head, and it comes with dual control handles. To conclude, Camlink is an excellent offer at a fantastic price.

Pros: It has incredible price

Cons: The device is heavy, so it’s hard to move it around

5. Velbon DV-7000N Video Tripod with PH-368 Fluid Head

Source: Velbon

The great thing about this device is the easy set-up, which means that you can use it in various situations. Also, you can use it on different surfaces, thank the rubber feet, which are excellent characteristics. Velbon offers a 6kg payload, which makes this device more suitable for beginners. However, the combination of price and feature are amazing as it’s very affordable.

Pros: Amazing price

Cons: Suitable more for low-films crews

6. Manfrotto 500 Video System

Source: Manfrotto

If you need a device with a head that moves smoothly and easy, then you should consider the Manfrotto device. Quick Power Locks provides a smooth opening. The maximum load is 5 kg, and it is made from aluminum. The material gives the tripod a high strength.

Pros: Easy setup, Great movement of the fluid

Cons: Tripod is heavy

7. Geekoto Tripod

Source: Fstoppers

The maximum height is 2m, which makes this tripod a great choice. It is a perfect option for traveling because you can pack it quickly, even though it has an enormous height. An excellent characteristic is a payload of 8 kg, which means that it can support a lot of different devices.

Pros: Great maximum height, Good price for useful features

Cons: The head is basic

8. Manfrotto 755XB MDeVe Aluminum Video Tripod

Source: digitalgoja.com

The Manfrotto 755XB is a perfect option if you film videos when you are in a lot of movements. Even though it is not made from carbon, the aluminum provides the device light and a nice look. The legs of this device can be put at the great angle which gives ability for quick setup and deployment. With Manfrotto 755XB, you will get perfects shots every time.

Pros: Great leveling characteristic

Cons: The tripod and the head has two prices

9. Benro A373FBS7

Source: benroeu.com

Benro A373FBS7 offers an amazing counterbalance system, so it’s easy to get the right counterbalance level. It is an excellent thing that on this device, you can put various accessories like monitors or recorders. Also, it is essential to mention the rubber feet, so the device is steady. Besides, rubber can be changed with spike, so the legs are amazing. The great feature about Benro A373FBS7 is that you can make it small before packing, so if you want to travel and film videos, this can be an ideal option for you. The tripod comes with three legs, and it can support a maximum weight of 7 kg.

Pros: Suitable for travels because it is tiny when it’s packed

Cons: Pan mechanism is not so good

10. Manfrotto Befree Live Travel carbon fiber tripod

Source: Manfrotto

One more device that’s great for traveling is Manfrotto Befree. This device has a fantastic weight of 1.1 kg, and after you pack, it needs only 34 cm of your bag. Manfrotto Befree is made from carbon fiber. If you are planning to use smaller devices like CSC or DSLR, then you should consider the device. It has a small payload of 4 kg. Even though it can be more significant, it’s still a good offer that comes at a reasonable price.

Pros: Four legs, Perfect option for traveling

Cons: The payload is not so amazing


As you can see, there are different options for video tripods. Each of them has some fantastic features that can help you in your work or hobby. We hope that this list will be helpful to you and that you will make the right decision.

As we already mentioned, the best option at this moment is Manfrotto MVK502AQ Video Tripod with MVH502A Head. However, on the list, you can find a lot of fantastic tripods. To conclude, any option that you choose will be the right decision.