Accessible Tools/HR Software for SMEs and How Useful are They 


This pandemic has caused a significant blunder in everyone’s life. The level of impact on work-life, personal life, or even on the businesses is unmeasurable. However, if you see in-depth, corporations, or rather the small and medium-sized businesses/enterprises, are the ones who suffered most. The crisis has even led to shutting down many of them who were not able to survive. However, you can always find a way to cope with any situation.

Many enterprises have now been leaning towards digital ways. They can compensate for their incompetence through the application of specific tools or software to some extent. Moreover, the application of these tools/software has shown more fruitful results in running the business. If you run a small business even from home, you can still access these tools for convenience.

Here is a list of a few HR software for small businesses by Bayzat oftools you can access for free.


Source: Packetlabs

If you have a desire to run a business, you must have gone through GoDaddy once. And in this pandemic, rather than going out, you can just stay at home and browse through many of the GoDaddy free tools that support/suits your small business.

GoDaddy provides an online platform where you can market your small business. It offers a free site and accessibility to various marketing tools, which boost your business promotions through Email marketing, Facebook, and many others. 


Source: Mastercard

Microsoft’s collaboration with the Microsoft 365 Business Basic turns out to be of great help to small and medium businesses. This team-up now offers the SME business access to use the Microsoft 365 Business Basics free of cost for six months and a yearly commitment. This includes the usage of PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and other web versions of Microsoft Office.

However, after six months, you have to pay $5.00 per month to gain accessibility. 



Paychex is a type of HR software for small businesses that primarily focus on payroll management. Initially, you can use Paychex for free for three months. You can get features like HR support payroll service, advertising support, state unemployment insurance services, etc. It provides one of the best platforms to keep your employees in check.


Source: GiveWP

MailChimp is the best tool for those running an e-commerce site or to promote your business. It basically provides a custom website domain that you can use for nearly five years free of cost.

Apart from being a popular email marketing platform, it also offers website-building solutions to small businesses. 



Perse, Hootsuite is more of a social media platform rather than an ordinary cloud HR software. It provides you with a team of experts to help your business create better coordination digitally. They even offer to manage your social media posts on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

In Hootsuite, you get free access to its services and features for a whole year. Hence, it is one of the best solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. 


Source: CNBCTV18

Freshworks is another HR software company that focuses on providing free-of-cost tools and platforms to small businesses to attract customers. Small companies with a workforce of not more than 50 get access to the customer management tool of Freshworks. It also provides features of chat to keep an update of the customers through digital channels like Facebook messenger.

Usefulness of HR Software

HR software or other tools provides various platforms and services to its users and helps small and medium-sized businesses in many ways. We are aware of the fact that human resources are a significant part of every organization. However, keeping track or checking out all of the considerable paperwork is a burden of sorts that limits their productivity. So, despite all the HR software available out there, why is every business not implementing it? It may be that the benefits of HR software for small and medium enterprises are not known to all.

  • Lesser paperwork

With the technology advancements in the HR department, the recordings on papers and files have now depleted a lot. They can now store all the necessary and important data or documents in cloud HR software and access them whenever required.

  • Better security

There is always a concern of damage or theft with the physical documents. But when it comes to a software solution, you can get multiple security mechanism options to protect the company’s sensitive data.

  • Manage employee turnover

The HR software for small businesses also helps create mobile technology for employee management. You can keep a check on your employees, ask for feedback, do surveys, track the working hours of respective employees, and even maintain an accurate payroll system.

  • Performance assessment

With the cloud HR software, you can now do real-time performance assessments of the employees. The built-in automatic data analysis can be seen in the dashboards. There is no need to do any lengthy manual paperwork.

  •  Cheap HR solution

Cloud HR software is considered a cheap HR solution as you can get these types of software or tools for free (for a limited time). The upfront is, however, lower than the basic methods. They could solution analytics is quick and generates better deals and quality data.

Your business gets better resources for product improvement and customer/employee satisfaction. 

  • Access for benefit information

The cloud HR software and other tools are already of great help to small and medium-sized business owners. But, along with that, this software platform is also beneficial to their respective heads and employees. The employees can even keep information on their work done or to be done, their payment schedules or amount, tax payable, etc.

This development leads to more transparency and trust between the organization and its employees.

Source: GlocalThinking


As you can see, HR management’s transformation to the use of HR software has led to businesses improving their productivity. While you may now wonder where to get one. Just go to digital marketing agencies or companies or some other websites that offer HR software like