How Realistic Are AI Voice Over Options


When working on a new ad for your marketing campaign, you have to ensure that it is perfect. After all, millions of people will see it, and you have to make a great first impression. If you don’t, you probably won’t meet all the goals you originally intended to reach.

Now, designing a commercial is a complex process. You have to think of the content, visuals, the message you want to send, find the best way to present your brand, and so on. However, voice over video is one of the most important features you have to include. You cannot grab a person’s attention if there is no one explaining why they should contact you.

The truth is that more and more brands opt for AI voice overs. Due to this, in the following article, we will discuss how realistic they are and tell you some additional things you have to know.

Source: Forbes

What is AI voice?

The very first thing you have to understand is that there is a significant difference between the traditional synthetic voice and the AI one. Synthetic voices are used by numerous text-to-speech software nowadays, and most of these are free. Do you wonder why? Well, because the sound isn’t very natural, but it usually resembles a robot. Yes, the language these tools produce is easily understandable, but it may not be the right choice for your advertisement campaign. Instead, you can observe these as simple tools that enable you to bring your words to life.

On the other hand, AI conducts a more thorough analysis. Instead of using task-based algorithms, it features deep learning, which enables it to produce human-like sounds. You would be surprised to learn how often these AI voices are used. Generally speaking, in many cases, people aren’t even able to recognize them as AI.

Is AI voice realistic?

This brings us to our next question – Do AI voices sound natural? The answer to this is yes, absolutely. Text-to-speech technology has come a long way. Recently, large corporations have experimented with this state-of-the-art technology. In a nutshell, today, Artificial Intelligence can perfectly imitate every word a person says. It can copy the accent, tone, and intonation correctly. Naturally, many companies have taken full advantage of this technology, so now, you can choose the language and even a regional accent.

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The timing

There is another thing. When creating an ad or a presentation, you have to ensure that the timing of the voice over is perfect. When looking for a tool, this has to be one of your top requirements. Let’s be realistic. First of all, if the timing isn’t correct, the video probably won’t make much sense. Secondly, it won’t be very appealing to people, and it will seem artificial. Plus, ads are time-restricted, meaning that you have broadcast your message in just a few seconds.


The thing most people are worried about is how much control they have over a voice over. The truth is that you get to determine everything. Naturally, you are the one who gets to write the script and decide what the presentation will include, the words you will use, the length of sentences, and so on.

Next, you get to choose the language, accents, tone, etc. In addition, tools such as murf, provide you with complete control. For example, you have the opportunity to determine whether you want to emphasize specific phrases or words. This feature will make your video more appealing, and it will be easy to attract the listeners’ attention.

Furthermore, you can also adjust the pitch and the speed of narration. As already mentioned, if your video is time-restricted, you will be able to determine the speed. No, it will not have any negative effect on the voice. On the other hand, if your presentation is quite long and there is a lot of text, you can also embed pauses to get the best effect. Generally speaking, the main problem with these generic tools is that they can sound robotic simply because a person cannot speak or read without making a break. Well, this is not an issue when it comes to AI voices, which is another reason why they sound so natural and human-like.

Source: Becoming Human

Other benefits

Before we conclude this article, here are some additional benefits of using AI voice over. Firstly, you have a chance to create a completely unique tone. Think about all the adjustments you can make, and you will understand what we are talking about. Yes, you can start with a generic one, but considering that you can adjust the pitch and other features, you can easily transform it to be one-of-a-kind.

Once you do this, you can use the same voice across different languages. This is especially beneficial for companies and brands that want to create an international marketing campaign. Your commercial won’t have to be dubbed, so your unique sound will convey the same message in as many languages as you need it to. This will enable you to create your brand’s own tone, which can easily transform into a feature that potential clients will associate directly with your company. In a nutshell, this technology enables you to easily connect with customers and partners from every corner of the world.

Finally, this tool will also save you a lot of money. Advertising campaigns can be very expensive, and there will also be additional costs you will have to cover. Well, this technology will first eliminate the high expenses of professional voice overs. Yes, we are talking about those specific to your native language. Then, think about each one of these you would have to pay for a new language, country, and even a region.

Wrapping up

Going back to our original question, yes, AI voice over options are realistic and human-like. Considering all the other features we discussed and benefits, it is no wonder that many brands opt for using this technology. Nowadays, every company that conducts its business online needs to leave a unique mark, and the AI voice over is a great place to start.