5 Common Cheating Methods People Use For Online Casinos


Casino games are quite popular in several countries and if you have the luck and strategy you can earn a lot of money by playing these games. Unfortunately, some people use the cheating method to get an unfair advantage and increase their chances of winnings.

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In this article, we will get insights into the common cheating methods people use for online casinos. 

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1. Bonus Abuse – Cashable and Non-cashable Bonus

The most common and one of the easy ways to cheat in online casinos is through bonus abuse. In this cheating method, people take unfair advantage of sign-up bonuses that are given to new players after creating a new account. Many people don’t consider this cheating because they are following the casino guidelines but they are taking unfair advantage of the loopholes in the terms and conditions.

When you create a free account or sign-up on a new casino website it offers a sign-up bonus to the new players. These bonuses are usually in the form of free casino chips or through credit.

There are usually two types of bonus in online casinos. Cashable bonus and non-cashable bonus. If the casino is offering a cashable bonus then you can easily withdraw the entire money from your account. On the contrary, a non-cashable bonus can only be used to play games at a casino and cannot be withdrawn from the account.

If the casino offers a cashable bonus then you can simply cash out the entire money in your account along with the bonus after you have met the wagering requirements. In this way, you can avail of the extra sign-up bonus each time you make a new account. If it’s a non-cashable bonus then you can only withdraw the additional money you win apart from the bonus.

If you are smart enough to search for an ideal casino with a cashable bonus or even play the right games that assure guaranteed winnings then you can actually make some real profits even with a non-cashable bonus. Every gambling website works differently and has different terms and conditions related to bonus and payouts.

Finding loopholes in gambling requirements players use it as a cheating method to get an unfair advantage. From a casino’s perspective, this is kind of cheating if you are playing to meet the requirements for withdrawing. 

2. Hacking and Stealing

Hacking and stealing have become common assures. With the help of highly advanced software, you can change the possibilities of winning in your favour. Using software vulnerabilities to win money in online casinos is legitimate cheating.

There are multiple cheating software for different games and based on what software is available to hack into the servers to get guaranteed winnings. Casino websites with low-grade software are often targeted by these cheaters to steal money through unfair means. Cheating in any game to get an unfair advantage is highly unethical and a violation of terms and conditions.

Most online casinos have top-notch security measures to prevent practising any unfair means to get an advantage and provide a fair environment for genuine players. 

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3. Hacking account of other players

Cheaters don’t have any limitations, they can go up to any extent and use any possible cheating methods to earn money. Another common cheating method people use for online casinos is hacking accounts of other players. Cheaters who use this method can hack into people’s accounts and use their winnings to withdraw to their personal accounts.

To avoid this casinos have adopted better security measures and stricter terms and conditions that allow the players to keep a difficult password with the combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters which makes it nearly impossible for cheaters to crack your password. Also, plenty of gambling sites ask for OTP verification before withdrawing your money as a part of security measures. 

4. Carding

Carding is the trafficking and unauthorised use of credit cards. Carders steal credit card details and use them on different platforms to buy products or avail their services. This is a fraudulent activity and if you get caught you can even go to prison. Usually, carders choose a quick payment platform where they can complete the payment before the credit cardholder finds out about the fraud.

This cheating method is also used in online casinos as you can withdraw your winnings quickly into your account. People use this method to convert credit card money into casino winnings and then withdraw them into their personal accounts. 

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5. Collusion

This method is commonly used in the game of poker. Collusion in poker refers to you joining in the same poker game with multiple friends and sharing information about the cards so the winning possibilities can be limited to you and your friends. Since you have information of what card you all are holding based on that you can make strategies to get guaranteed winning.

This is unfair for other players who are playing solo against a group of friends and spoils the playing experience. Though this cheating method requires a lot of poker knowledge and strategic thinking, only then can you increase your chances of winning. Gambling platforms look for unusual patterns to avoid this kind of behaviour.

The Bottom-line

Casino games are mostly based on luck and you can increase your chances of winnings with legit strategies and following the experts and walking in their footsteps. Using any unfair means to win money is highly unprofessional and unethical.

People must stop using these cheating methods and play fairly so other players can also get a fair chance of winning. If you have confidence in your strategies and luck only then you should consider playing casino games.

Luckily cheating in online casinos is not easy and takes a lot of your time hence you won’t find many cheaters. With highly advanced security measures cheating through hacking is nearly impossible to pull off by an average person. These were some of the common cheating methods people use for online casinos.