10 Things to Consider When Choosing Bitcoin Trading Platform


It doesn’t matter, are you starting as a trader, investor, or trying to begin some other type of business. In this day and age, choosing the correct cryptocurrency platform is crucial to a vigorous inauguration. Going for a cryptocurrency that doesn’t add up to other ones will give you a headache and be a huge obstacle for your endeavor. So what are the questions you should ask yourself? Well, first, you should be aware of your aims. Do you want to attempt investing on a longer-term foundation, or maybe more short term with frequent trading in and out. Once you know yourself, you should turn to the outside. Being informed on country regulations, exchange security, and many additional features are something you should always try to do.  Now, it is true that it can be difficult to begin a journey like this, especially if you are working alone and from home, but some sites can help you in those situations, sites like homebusinessmag.com. So let us name ten points you should always have in mind when selecting your cryptocurrency platform.

1. Pay close attention to their reputation

While it sometimes seems to us that the cryptocurrency industry is part of our lives since forever, in reality, it is still a very young industry. So like every other one, it was inevitable that there would be some people looking to trick and deceive others for profit. That is why it is of immense significance to put value on the reputation of crypto trading platforms. Luckily it is quite simple to do that. All of the information you need is on the internet already. Just search the name of the platform and read the reviews of previous users.

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2. Platforms may have different rules

When you choose a platform, the most notable impact on how do they operate will be their country of origin. But some rules are popular among many of them. Know your customer and anti-money laundering methods are among them.  What this means is that it might be necessary to give your data when making an account. Nuances will fluctuate between sites,  somewhere you may have to withdraw certain funds, also limitations may vary on different platforms.

3. Security always matters

When it comes to monetary enterprises, you can never be too safe. The best way to identify the platform as a safe one is to see if they are using a two-factor authentication system. In current technology and business models, this is the norm for operation. If the platform is not using this system, it would be wise to sidestep them. When you find one that is safe, you should inspect if you are compatible with them. Something like a Google Authenticator should do the trick.

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4. Insurance is a must

It is almost impossible to conceive a good crypto trading platform without an insurance fund. That means that there is a particular net of security for your investment if you meet the requirements. You should always understand these requirements, so you would know in which circumstances you will be safe. If the platform you have chosen has insurance from the Federal Deposit Corporation, that is an excellent sign for your investment.

5. Understand your fiat exchange options

Solely making a good investment in the crypto market will not give you a profit. Before you see some money you can touch, you will need to do a fiat exchange. That is a method of converting your currency into tradable pieces, and then your potential earnings back into your chosen currency. Various platforms will give diverse possibilities. Additionally, we should never forget that these platforms need to make connections with specific banks. So maybe try to understand the whole picture first. Is your bank collaborating with your desired platform? That will affect your fiat options, and therefore your judgment in deciding on a platform.

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6. Don’t start complicated

When you are a beginner in this type of trade, it is wise to try to discover a platform that is simple to use. If it is too complicated for you, that will only give you opportunities to make errors. Maybe you find a platform that offers a free trial, that might be a good idea for you. That way, you can see are you a good fit with this world and with that particular platform. It is always a good idea to learn how to walk before you start running.

7. Platforms volume

The cryptocurrency market is based on the rules of regular rules of supply and demand as well. That means that the sheer volume of users and the number of assets that are available for trade is of enormous significance.  It is crucial to know these things because they will influence can users enter or old exit positions. So a low-volume platform might mean that if you are looking to sell a certain amount of cryptocurrency, there could be no buyers for you. Therefore, you will be limited to selling at a lower price. As we can see, it is better if a platform is more popular and with more people involved in trading.

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8. Differences in prizes

Another element that can fluctuate over different platforms is the value of assets. Sometimes a particular virtual coin is worth more or less on various platforms because of partaker location. That can be of especial importance if you or the platform are from China. If the price scale is too large, that might be a reliable indicator that one of these platforms is of a low volume, and it is better to avoid them.

9. Selection of cryptocurrencies

One thing that could help you immensely in selecting a platform is knowing with which currency do you want to trade-in. With over a thousand options out there, you will have to do some good research before your investing adventure can commence. Most of these currencies will not be available on every single platform. It is common for them to have a selection of several options, but never too many. So if you know in front what currency is your first pick, that will assist you in choosing a platform.

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10. The fees

Last but not least, fees. You are assuredly conscious that every transaction will have a charge. But we should always compare platforms to each other because this fee is not consistent on all of them. That means that some platforms will have more modest and some more substantial fees that they charge you. They will usually be percentage-based, so they will mostly depend on the trade itself. You should also make sure to know does the platform have a withdrawal fee as well, since that could impact your profit.

If you follow these pieces of advice, you should be on your way to success.  When it comes to money, being responsible, and doing your research is of crucial value. Since this market is still new, it is a good idea to have a bit of doubt, but this should not prevent you from participating in what will be a norm in the future.