What Digital Marketers Know About the Google Search Console


Much of what constitutes digital marketing is based on the internet standards set by Google. With that in mind, digital marketing agencies committed to doing their best for their clients take advantage of a number of Google tools, including the Google Search Console. How much do you know about this tool?

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Digital Marketers Use It Religiously

Digital marketing doesn’t seem too hard until you actually try to do it. Marketing in any form requires a certain amount of knowledge, skill, and natural talent. It is something that a good agency excels at even as companies handling marketing in-house fail. Believe it or not, using the right tools is often the demarcation line between digital marketing failure and success.

Google Search Console is a free tool that gives webmasters numerous opportunities to monitor and optimize site performance. It used to be known as Google Webmaster Tools. Regardless of the name, the tool offers a wealth of information covering everything from keyword performance to a site’s most frequently visited pages.

The tool’s greatest asset is found in its name. Google Search Console offers invaluable data regarding a site search engine performance. Most website owners are familiar with this concept thanks to SEO. But search engine performance is equally important to digital marketing agencies. They know that websites need to perform well in organic searches if their marketing efforts are going to accomplish anything.

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Data Provided by the Search Console

Tools like Google Search Console are data driven. In and of themselves, they don’t improve a website’s performance or a marketer’s promotional efforts. Rather, they provide the data SEO experts and marketers need to improve things on their end.

Webtek Digital Marketing, a Salt Lake City, UT, digital marketing firm, utilizes the Search Console extensively. Here are a few examples of the data they rely on to do what they do:

  • Search engine performance (complete websites and individual pages)
  • Average position on search engine result pages (SERPs)
  • Total clicks and impressions (more for pages)
  • Average click-through rate (organic searches)
  • Search queries (keywords used to find a site).

Analyzing such data tells Webtek team members exactly what drives users to a client’s website. It tells them what keywords to focus on, what types of pages get the best results, and so much more.

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Understanding Google’s Impression

Because digital marketing is intrinsically tied up with website development, digital marketing agencies also want to know Google’s impression of a client’s site. Google utilizes web crawlers to index sites. After crawling, algorithms are applied to help the search engine understand site and page content and rank it according to a fixed set of ranking factors.

Google’s Search Console provides important insights into all of this. By collecting and analyzing the data, digital marketers plot a strategy for moving forward. Where they find weaknesses in Google’s impression, they can make changes designed to strengthen website performance. Where they see a positive Google impression, they can continue their efforts to make sure the impression stays positive.

It is not a stretch to say that Google Search Console is an essential tool for webmasters, website owners, SEO specialists, and digital marketers. All have a vested interest in thoroughly learning the tool and how it works. Mastering Search Console provides insights that cannot be achieved any other way. Those insights, when leveraged for marketing purposes, can yield incredible results.

If you own a website and handle marketing yourself, do you know and understand the finer points of Google’s Search Console? If not, it’s time to either learn or turn your marketing efforts over to a digital marketing agency.