7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Digital Video Surveillance Systems


A new company with a small capacity will naturally focus on how to possibly reduce expenses by cutting corners. Buying expensive surveillance cameras might not be something at the top of your priority list because it does not directly affect your profit margin, but they are a lot more valuable to a company than you might think.

Installing a digital video surveillance system in your business is a proactive step that ensures the protection of your business and its people. Here is a list of reasons why the benefits of installing a security system trump the cost of buying them.

1. Protecting Your Property

Source: Technology Solutions Inc

When people entering the premises of your company are aware that the building is protected by hidden cameras, it can reduce the potential number of threats to your property.

People who walk in with the intention of stealing or vandalizing become conscious that they can easily get caught with solid proof. Furthermore, people who l decide to steal can be easily detected. This will help protect your company assets while also rooting out dishonest people from your workforce.

In turn, it will also provide you with a sense of reassurance that your business is safe.

2. Solving disputes

Source: RACV

Disagreements, fraud, and disputes are a common scenario in any business and as a good business owner, you must find effective ways to deal with these kinds of disputes. However, sometimes these can be serious to the point where it may threaten an employee’s job.

If you only have a manager or a security guard looking over people, there is a lot of space for human error like they might be biased or there may be a misunderstanding of the situation. In such conditions, there is always scope for an innocent person being wrongly accused.

On the other hand, good quality security cameras do not lie. In this day and age, it is not a difficult matter to get your hands-on security cameras with high resolution, that cover a large area and are small enough to hide within plain sight. With security cameras, business owners can resolve these disputes quickly and with little room for error. Click here for a list of good quality security cameras.

3. A Sense of Safety for Customers

Source: SMB Now

The job of a company, especially one that faces tough competition, is to find ways to improve the shopping experience of their customer. Installing security cameras help shop owners inspect their premises and help to detect suspicious behavior beforehand. Which in turn prevents any mishap from happening.

In return, customers also feel safer as they know that incidents can be deterred and even if they occur, there will be evidence of the perpetrators.

This sense of security in the store provides you with an added advantage and helps it to stand out among others.  And also attract more customers.

4. Decreases security costs

Source: NBC News

Think about how you would implement security in your business just with man force. You would require guards in all corners of your premises for monitoring, besides view is limited to the angle of the human eye, their honesty, and their focus. You would need to hire a lot of security guards to cover the ground.

On the other hand, if you use security cameras, your cost for security will decrease as you will need to pay fewer employees to guard the premises. Furthermore, the cost of surveillance cameras is limited to their initial price and maintenance.

Even though the price tag might seem scary, surveillance cameras are an investment that is worth the price.

5. Helps Record Customer Transactions

Source: Business News Daily

It is not uncommon for disagreements and confusion to arise regarding customer transactions. A customer might claim that their change is incorrect because they handed a larger bill or could provide the cashier with misinformation. In such situations, surveillance cameras can be checked to find out the truth. It decreases confusion and prevents misinformation from affecting the transactions.

6. Monitor from Home

Source: Vivint

A businessman’s work does not require him to clock in at the business and sit at a desk all day, rather they have to travel to meetings, check-in on the works, and simultaneously be at the office for getting the paperwork done. In short, they have to be everywhere at once.

This leads them to decide how to delegate work to others to make their jobs a bit easier. However, delegating work can also make them feel more detached and unaware of what is going on at the company.

As security cameras allow you to connect with multiple devices, business owners can gain access to the security cameras to look over the premises and stay connected with their business.

7. Surveillance Protects Employees

Source: Facility Executive Magazine

Though the conversation of surveillance cameras and what they mean for employee productivity may be controversial, it is without a doubt that they benefit employees as well.

One of the aspects that contribute to employee productivity is their working conditions and a component of favorable working conditions is their security. When employees know that they are protected and safe, they feel a stronger sense of belonging in the company and they also feel cared for.

Through surveillance cameras, a company can detect hazardous work conditions and can also record the mistreatment of the workers. Surveillance cameras motivate companies to treat workers better and workers value this effort of keeping them safe.

Keep in mind though, that you should not use surveillance cameras as a way to see who is working or idling around, this can be counterproductive for their output.

Final Thoughts

Installing surveillance cameras is not just about keeping cameras around the building because every other building seems to do the same. It not only protects the assets of your business but it also protects your workers from being abused, which can improve the environment of the company.

The benefits of using surveillance cameras transcend its basic uses and therefore, surveillance cameras are an investment that will help you maximize your profits. With these tips, hopefully, you will see how surveillance cameras contribute to the sustainability of a company. You can also read more here if you would like to inform yourself.