3 Easiest World of Warcraft Raid Bosses Of All Time


We simply cannot talk and discuss video games and not mention World of Warcraft, with all of the influence this game had over the gaming industry and players. Every WoW player has something different they love about this game, but raids, regardless of how complicated or not they might be, are surely at the top of everyone’s list. Now, even though some prefer dealing with the most difficult raid bosses, as they give most loot drops, it’s also great to know which bosses are the easiest to defeat, just to make it a bit easier in times of crisis, so let’s check them out.

1. Echelon

Source: wowhead.com

Now, even though this is one of the easiest bosses to defeat, don’t confuse that with the fastest raid, as here, patience is the key. Namely, almost every WoW player will agree that fighting Echelon can get pretty annoying, as defeating this boss requires a lot of time and not that much skill. One of the best and easiest ways to defeat it is to avoid Echelon adds, as they can cause a lot of damage, and once they run into melee, you can strike and attack them almost without any problem and, on the other hand, by doing so, you will also speed up the whole raid. That’s what makes it such an easy raid, but, once again, time and patience here are the main skill you will need.

2. Jailer

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Jailer is the final boss of The Sanctum of Domination, one of the easiest raids in Shadowlands, which makes Jailer one of the easiest bosses to defeat. Keep in mind that although it is not difficult to beat him, you will need at least nine more people in order to do that since raids cannot be played individually and require groups of at least ten and up to thirty players. Finding a group that big can be pretty challenging, and there are automatic groups in the game for people who cannot find that many friends willing to play. On the other hand, if you want SoD to be normal, your ilvl needs to be around 200, depending on the gear you have to run it, but be warned that The Sanctum of Domination is far from an easy raid, which is where WoW Boost can be of great help.

3. Lord Chamberlain

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The RavendrathCatedral is one of the favorite dungeons of most players, and in order to get to the Lord Chamberlain, they need to complete raids around it. It is necessary to kill the guards and kins that Lord Chamberlain is sending upon you, and if you succeed in that, you will be able to face him in the final battle. The “only” problem is that it is necessary to finish the mission in order to be able to enter the dungeon but compared to many others, that is far from a difficult task, which makes this dungeon and the boss one of the easiest ones in WoW, and one that should definitely be on your what to raid list.