Top 8 Indicators Your Family is Ready for a Pet


Almost every family will at one time have this conversation. As much as adding an extra member to the family is exciting, what if the member is a furry pal with a tail and four legs? There are always worries and questions that come with this conversation, and picking the right time to have one can be difficult.

Benefits of Owning a Pet

With little effort, pets can bring so much happiness into your life. They will make you laugh, comfort you when you are sad, and they will be beside you no matter what. But not everyone appreciates the bond between a pet and its owner. So, the following are some benefits of having a pet in your life.

  • Pets make you feel safe
  • They can teach your kids responsibility and help them learn
  • They can detect cancer early
  • They can improve your mood
  • They can make you a better individual
  • Pets can help you stay physically fit
  • They can be lifelong companions

Signs that Your Family is Ready for a furry friend


A pet can enhance the quality of your life. Besides, people who own pets are said to be healthier and happier.  However, they come with responsibilities like cleaning up, feeding, and walking – the list is endless. So, even before you bring the fluffy buddy home, you must ensure that your family is ready.

1. Your kids are okay with animals around

Does your child have a fear of animals? If yes, it might not be a good idea to bring one home. Animal fear means that your child is likely to do something wrong to the pet, and you wouldn’t want that to happen.

So, even before bringing a pet home, take time and visit a nearby animal shelter with your kids. Let your children face their fears. With time, they will become familiar with being around animals.

2. You are committed

The pet might belong to your kids; however, the care and responsibilities often fall on your shoulders. Your child might not be able to walk or feed the pet. In that case, you will need to take the obligation into your hands and take care of the pet.

Besides, you will also need to be financially capable. You will need enough money to get basic things like food and toys from a site like this one, along with preventative care for your pets.

Remember that cats and dogs need to be sprayed and sterilized before being brought into your home. Also, their cost of food, cleaning supplies, and routine emergency vet visits is recurrent and should be considered before adopting a pet.

3. No one has a pet allergy


While the symptoms of pet allergies might seem obvious, it is crucial to confirm that no one in your family is allergic to pets. Remember that living with a pet can be dangerous if you are allergic to them. Kids and older people are most vulnerable to pet allergies; however, with time, children tend to grow out of the allergies as they develop resistance against the allergens. If you live with a senior, it would be best to take them for an allergy test in advance.

4. You have enough space and time

If everyone in your family is ready for the pet and you are financially stable, it is time to take the next step. Every dog or cat needs enough space and a portion of attention. So, if you are always busy and out of your house almost all day, bringing a pet home will not be a good idea.

Animals like cats need playtime, grooming, and frequent cleaning of their litter tray. Reptiles and rodents need extra well-ventilated space and access to natural light. On the other hand, birds will need additional time to be released from their cages for enrichment and exercise to keep them healthy and joyful.

5. Your kids can handle easy house chores without help

Things like putting away their laundry, brushing their teeth, and putting away dishes after they are done eating are some of the indications that your child has the maturity and accountability to own a pet. A little forgetfulness is common in kids as they can easily get carried away in their favorite show or game. However, if they need to be reminded every time to do something that they are supposed to do, you might do everything yourself. That’s a clear indication that they are not ready for a pet.

6. Your child respects animals

Your children must know the significance of respecting animals. They need to know how to act around them. Animals are not to be pulled or hit, especially when feeding or eating. It is also crucial for them to know that there are some precise times and locations to interact with the pet. You will know that your child is ready for a pet when they show some level of self-control.

7. You have a stable living apartment


The main reason pets get turned into shelters is the alteration of living environments to somewhere they are not allowed. So, is your apartment ready for a furry friend? Does your home insurance allow you to own a pet? These questions are crucial, especially if you plan to adopt a big breed. Remember that if your homeowner’s or rental insurance doesn’t cover pets, you can always get liability insurance from any provider.

8. Everyone, including your kids, is on board

Just because your children are ready for a pet does not mean that everyone is. Imagine bringing a pet home only to realize that a family member is petrified of it. Adding a new member to the family must be a collective decision, and you must make sure that everyone is on board. All duties must be shared among the members, including your kids.

Bottom Line

Owning a furry friend can be exciting, particularly when your family agrees and you have the capacity. However, it also comes with some responsibilities. Therefore, you must ensure that you and your loved ones are ready to go down that road. Take your time and have a conversation with your loved ones and research.

That way, your family will have an amazing journey of joy as they explore the life of owning a pet.