How to Get More Votes on Instagram Competitions and Win

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Giveaways are such an exciting thing – both for those who create them and those who enter them. It’s another way of getting a significant amount of followers for the content creators and winning something amazing for the competitors. Those types of competitions can be various: travel contests, the possibility to win a new camera, phone, makeup set, hair appointment… the list goes on, and you have probably participated in some of these, or even organized them.

While it can be super fun and exciting, winning an actual giveaway isn’t that easy-peasy unless you’re very – but very!- lucky. It takes much more than a regular entry to grab a prize and to be chosen as a winner of it. Some creators and influencers use a generated app that chooses the lucky people to whom the gifts will go, while others pick them by themselves based on numerous factors.

Today we have some tips and tricks on how to better your chances and build a strategy for getting more votes. Asking your close ones to vote for you only won’t increase the chances, so here we go – let’s dive into a bunch of other possibilities!

1. Friends and family ambassadors

As mentioned above, asking your loved ones to be your support only won’t be enough, but it can certainly help. How, you might ask? It’s like spiders spreading their web.

They can ask their friends and family, who can ask theirs, by sharing on all their social media profiles. Creating a network can be of great help, as it’ll increase vote numbers significantly and help you skyrocket to your prize-winning.

Source: HubSpot Blog

2. Use Twitter

This is an amazing platform where you can easily connect with tons of people with similar interests, agendas, or passions. You can use an existing account you’ve made a very long time ago, or if you don’t want to mix it with contest content, you can make an account specifically for that occasion. Have in mind, though, that it’s recommended to make it as personal as possible, so as not to make it look like a spam profile. Don’t be pushy and try to post other things as well, to make it more approachable, so that people can feel closer to you and wish to help you out.

3. Being friends with other contestants 

There are communities and forums you can join and find people who entered the competition as well but aren’t envious and are open to supporting you throughout the process. Nothing, of course, should be forced and fake, but you can find buddies for the long run and get some votes from their friends or followers as well in some cases.

Source: Ecwid

4. Workplace help

This might be an extra step, but telling your manager or your boss that you need that little push can change things up. Sending an email to the entire team and providing them with the link to the giveaway and your entry post, putting pamphlets on their desks, or hanging up a flyer containing all the information on the board in the office or break room… All this may boost your place in the game more than significantly. Try it –  better safe than sorry, right?

5. Facebook is the way to go

Another big platform where you can work your way around doubling your votes. You can enter groups, chats, pages, and people will give you the support you need. There are exchange groups, but always make sure to read their terms and conditions before you start posting. Also, let’s not forget about the good old wall status you can post on a daily basis along with a direct link to the ‘battle’. Many people can see this and get the option to share it, as well, if they want to help you. Dope, right?

Source: Buzz Web Media

6. Buying votes

This is yet another way of boosting your chances of winning – buying votes. If you opt for such a thing, make sure everything’s in order, that it’s legal, and always check the terms and conditions of the website offering those types of deals. This can be quite beneficial, especially if a large prize is at stake. Here’s an example: – a website full of vivid slides and great deals that offers purchases of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter polls, and provides a wide range of services. The packages are available at the best prices, which should definitely help you rise to the next level.

7. Create your giveaway

Do you know how there are rules to follow some other profiles to be eligible for the gifting process and selection? It’s usually to follow the page and their associates, like their latest post related to the gift, or tag a few people in the comment section. It’s pretty simple, but you can turn tables in your favor. If you wish to win, you can organize a giveaway of your own. Make rules beneficial to yourself, for example, to win the prize, all of the contestants would have to vote for you. That way you’ll be doing good by giving to others, while others will be doing good for you in return. It’s a two-way street and an amazing idea.

Source: HostGator

8. Youtube

If you feel comfortable enough taking this advice, it would be great to turn to Youtube for some additional help. It’s a massive platform which can help you as others above. Making a video and explaining your motives and why it would be amazing to win the competition can make followers interested in helping you complete your quest. Make sure to share the link of the video to all social media so others can see it, repost it, and spread the word. Also, you can comment on other creators’ videos in the comment section, explaining your situation and why would it mean a lot to you if they could participate and vote for you.

9. Insta stories

This is a feature that a lot of people love and enjoy – when it comes to Instagram stories, people are quite liberated and they share almost everything within those frames. For some, it acts as their online diary, whereas some use it to support other peoples’ business or their own crafts. Try to be active as much as possible and post the link on stories to make sure people are voting. If you haven’t surpassed 10k followers, you won’t have the ‘swipe up’ option, however, you can always highlight that there’s a link in the bio which will take them directly to the competition page.

Source: Robert Katai

As we have previously mentioned, winning a prize – especially a large one – isn’t a piece of cake, but if you take the advice above, it can bring you an entire cake! Make sure you’re active and that you do everything that’s in your power to bring to other peoples’ attention how much this would mean to you. Good luck and may the odds be in your favor!