8 Useful and Fun Gifts for Hard-Core Gamers in 2024

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The gaming industry is so huge that it is now earning more than the music and movie industries together. With the development of technology, we have new software that is capable of processing the most recent games with advanced, near-realistic graphics and gameplay. A lot of people, especially younger generations, are spending a lot of their free time while playing various video games. On the other side, some of them even manage to earn from playing games. Streaming is very popular today, especially on Twitch, while tournaments in Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and some others, have prize pools measured in millions of dollars.

Knowing that many people love playing video games so much means that buying them something related to that topic would be the best possible present. However, the market for gaming products is very big, and it might be hard for you to select the right product, especially if you are buying it for some hard-core gamer. In that matter, we selected some products that will surely be useful and fun for any video game lover.

1. Headphones

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While headset was not so important when it comes to some older titles, most of the modern video games require proper headphones, especially ones in a multiplayer format, where you have to communicate with other members of your team all the time. However, the market is full of various headphones, and it is not so easy to choose the right one. When it comes to gaming, some of the best headsets available on the market are HyperX Cloud Stinger, Steel Series Arctis, and Logitech G Pro.

2. Customized Number Plates

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You should know that many other products are not related to games, but can be a really good surprise. For example, you can buy someone a customized number plates, where you can choose some name of a character from a favorite video game of a person that you are buying a gift. For instance, if that person is playing Dota 2, imagine how delighted it would get when you buy a number plate with a name Invoker, Juggernaut, or any other Dota character. Visit carreg.co.uk to find out how to sell or buy number plates for vehicles.

3. Eyewear that Blocks Blue Light

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Hardcore gamers are often spending more than 6 hours in front of the monitor, and the biggest issue about that is that they could damage their eyesight. In that matter, one of the best presents for such a person would be a special blue-light blocking glasses that could help them to save their vision. Also, there is a wide selection of various glasses that can prevent eye damage, and you should only be sure to select the right design.

4. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

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Besides the PC case, one of the most important devices for gamers is a high-quality mouse and mechanic keyboard. Competitive games, especially FPS, require high accuracy, which can only be obtained with proper gear. When it comes to keyboards, some of the best on the market are Alienware Pro, Razer Ornata, Roccat Vulcan, and many more. Also, Razer is a well-known producer of mouses and other equipment, and besides that brand, you can choose Corsair, Logitech, and many other companies as well.

5. Gaming Console

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There are several popular devices for playing video games besides the PC, and the most popular ones are Sony Playstation and Xbox. If you are planning to buy a gift to a person who only uses the PC for gaming, considering getting them a console might be a great idea. The experience of playing various titles is completely different when you play them on consoles. For example, shooting games are much easier with a mouse, but some people prefer joystick more. On the other side, playing some sports games like NBA or Soccer is much more fun with the console.

6. Gaming Chair

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The feel of comfort can also significantly improve gaming abilities, and prevent gamers from damaging their spines after sitting in front of a PC through all day. We can see that there is a revolution of gaming chairs in recent years, with advanced ergonomics and some features such as vibration, various ports, and much more. Some of the most popular ones are AK Racing Core, Secretlab Omega, Brazen Puma, Corsair T3, and many more.

7. Neck Massager

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Streaming services are very popular these days, and you can find a lot of people on YouTube or Twitch and watch them while they are playing games. This is a great business for some of them if they are popular enough. However, some gamers would spend most of the day in the chair, which can create various issues with the neck and back. That is the reason why you should consider buying a massager as a gift. There are a lot of neck massagers that you can find online, and their price is around 50$ on average.

8. Standing Desk

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As we already said, many people are having issues with back pain because they spend too much time sitting, and gamers are part of this group as well. We can see that there is a rise in the popularity of a desk that can convert and allow you to work or play games while standing. Some of the best ones that you can find on the market are ApexDesk Elite, Varidesk Electric, Uplift V2, Stir Kinetic, and there are many other similar products as well.

Bottom Line

There are numerous other products that you could choose as a gift for some hard-core gamer, and the best way to choose a proper one would be to know a little more about that person’s preferences, or is there any product that is missing in its room. Also, some products would be a great product for anyone, like a new mouse pad with a picture of some character from video games, or gloves that would make it much more comfortable to use a keyboard all the time. Furthermore, all sorts of gaming equipment, PC hardware, t-shirts, and many other products related to gaming industry can be a perfect present.