Humidity Modules and Detectors Technology in Environmental Monitoring


Knowledge is power, and it’s good always to be knowledgeable than to have people always give ideas that sometimes have no basis. Automation presents a world of limitless possibilities to humankind; hence, there is a need to fully utilize it to better human life. Therefore, this piece is going to add more profound value to you on Humidity Modules and detectors.

Why is care about the environment crucial for every person on the Earth? The answer is simple – our health and quality of life depend on our ecosystem. This includes the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe as well as other components. However, since there are somewhat different options available when it comes to food and water supply, then it’s logical that the air quality is essential for our well-being. It can’t be bought, and it can not be changed easily. Still, it can be approved, thanks to modern technologies.

Saving and improving our environment is not only our moral obligation, but a practical necessity. Potential destruction of our ecosystem could come as a result of numerous issues that our environment is currently facing. Whether it’s pollution, deforestation, or global warming, it’s most likely connected to human activity. Environmental monitoring is therefore important for understanding the world around us, the conditions we live in and the nature itself. Not only understanding, but giving us an urge to protect it at all costs is the main goal of these processes and activities. At last, monitoring the quality of the environment is critical and much needed in a fast-paced world we live in today.

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Is air humidity level important?

How does humidity affect the environment and our health? Are there any effects or consequences? It’s been proven that humidity affects air in a way that directly impacts our respiration, perspiration and other important factors such as air pollution. As a result, high humidity levels can cause people to feel discomfort in breathing, and also can put more stress on their circulatory systems and hearts, if they do certain physical activity. Asthmatic patients can be triggered by different pollutants in the air that are being trapped in moist air. Activating their asthma, extremely humidified air can cause them serious health problems. When it comes to the environment in general, humidity affects plant development, animals health as well, and of course – the weather. If it rains outside or there’s a thunderstorm, it’s directly correlated with the cloud formation and cloud formation depends on the humidity level in the atmosphere.

How does humidity happen?

It is a consequence of the evaporation of water into the air. The vapor actually arises in the air, from a certain water source. It can be due to the closeness of an ocean or a lake, or it can simply mean that a moist surface is being dried and the water evaporates and goes up into the atmosphere. Not only the atmosphere, it also goes to our homes, properties and finally, in our lungs. If the levels are high, our bodies cannot handle it, therefore blocking the sweat from evaporating. On of the results of this is a higher effort of our organisms to maintain their normal temperature. That’s why science and technology paired up with the same goal – to help create devices that could help solve breathing and other problems, in humidity-high areas and environments.

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What are humidity modules and sensors?

A humidity detector is a device that quantifies the amount of water vapor available in the air. Humidness detectors accurately measure from low RH to high relative humidity and operate within temperature ranges of _79 degrees Celsius to +90 degrees Celsius. To know more about humidity modules and sensors click here.

Humidity modules have a unique feature, a condensed water-impermeable, and synthetic sensing area, which boosts correctness and sustained stability, even in extreme humidity levels. It is useful mostly in manually operated industrial devices or transmitters of precise humidity. Stability should always remain constant during moisture measurement regardless of how long it takes or the operating conditions. For stability, there is a need to utilize specifically developed polymers and high-quality materials. The best humidity detector can maintain long-term stability under varying temperature changes and harsh environmental influences.

The RH detectors’ distinguishing feature lies in their structure comprising thin polymer film sandwiched by two conductive electrodes. It necessitates the use of highly developed polymers to enhance the performance of the humidity sensors. Slight changes in the environment are updated fast.

There are different types of humidity modules with various applications in our daily lives, such include;

HYT 271

It is a general-purpose humidness application module. It has I2C-interface. The advantages are a low hysteresis, compensated linearity error, excellent chemical resistance, and, even in high humidity areas, the low operating voltage of 2.7 to 5.5V. It is calibrated to deliver an accuracy of ±1.8 % RH and ±0.2 C and temperature drift. The module is easy to use.

HYT 939

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It has unique robustness, with shallow sense, and high chemical resistance. It is useful in various medical fields.


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It has a protection filter for dew resistance. Its reliability is ±1.8% RH, ±0.2C. It is useful in the medical and agricultural fields.

Innovative Sensor Technology has user-friendly humidity modules and humidity sensors with their full calibration. It makes it conveniently easy for users to deduce the readings. Before purchasing humidity modules and humidity sensors, one must seek consultation from the providers to choose the humidity module and temperature sensors based on specific application and implementation. However, this is not a matter of great concern as most companies offer support even at the performance stage to create customer loyalty. Detector technology is one that, compared to other methods, is more accurate and reliable. Choosing to explore it in measuring humidity is a choice that one will never regret as it has an outstanding benefit. The modules are reasonably priced. Sensor technology comes in very handy when it comes to monitoring the environment, making an informed decision.