7 Most Important Gadgets Needed for Effective Teamwork in the Workplace


People are getting back at the office, after a whole year of working at home, due to the measures against the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of things have changed since March 2024. Sadly, some of our coworkers won’t be able to come back again to work because the coronavirus ruined their health completely, and others have died. Those who still can work are now struggling with effectiveness and procrastination because we all adopted remote working as an option for us, and going back to the office can be really stressful and cause anxiety.

That means we need to use every possible tool, gadget, or device, that will help us improve the teamwork, so the company can accomplish the wanted and expected results. As time goes by, it becomes much harder to motivate people to collaborate, because nowadays, we are too focused on ourselves, and we often forget that there are other people around us. But for one company is essential to have a great team, who will run all the important processes, providing exceptional results when needed.

Since a lot of people will anyway stay at home, the bosses and CEOs need to find creative ways to motivate the teams to work together. Using tools like Klaxoon gives a good insight into the whole process, and resolving issues in real-time. It’s worth giving a try to every software, tool, gadget, or device that seems helpful. Improving efficiency should be a number 1 priority in every company that survived the hard COVID-19 times.

So, let’s see what we can do about that:

1. Use online tools to improve the productivity

Source: Forbes.com

It’s easier for you all when you can assign tasks using these tools, and even track down the activity and progress. The colleagues will also be able to help each other with the tasks. But, on the other hand, it gives a huge insight into what they all do and can be pretty uncomfortable knowing that someone is always watching over you. So, finding the right balance between using these tools, tracking down the activity, and giving your employees the freedom to be productive is a good way to get back on track after a whole year of working anywhere except the office.

2. Direct group chats

Source: TechCrunch.com

This is not a formal form of communication but can be pretty beneficial, so all the people involved in some process can sync their activities. There are a lot of people who hate those chats, and they won’t take an active part in talking and sharing their opinion. It’s good to understand them too, and don’t push too hard to make them use their smartphone to chat with you, especially after working hours.

3. A few Pilates balls

Source: camillestyles.com

You probably didn’t see this coming, but this simple “gadget” can be very effective so the employees can relax during breaks, and relieve the stress. Maybe you’ve seen big corporate ocean offices that feature Pilates balls here and there. Pilates is one of the activities that can help you get relaxed without sweating too much (except if you are doing a whole exercise session). But for smaller exercises that will help you maintain the body posture and get rest from sitting on the chair, it’s a great option to consider. Relaxed people are more productive too.

4. Smart cushions for the chairs

Source: Medium.com

If we sit down through the whole working day, our spine will suffer and we will feel a lot of pains in the whole body. You can invest in a simple cushion, but there are smart ones, that you can sync with the smartphone and alert you when to stand up, and go for a small walk around the office before you get back to work.

5. Headphones to cancel the noises around you

Source: variety.com

Sometimes you need to focus on an important task alone, and the others are still loud and talking to each other, even to you. What to do then? The solution is simple – you only need to invest in good sound-canceling headphones. That’s the only way to show the coworkers not to disturb you, and focus on the tasks you have.

6. Virtual shared calendars

Source: businessnewsdaily.com

Is there any way to save something and remember for it on time? Online shared calendars are something every office should use, so the people there can schedule the tasks, meet the deadlines, and always be on time with what they do. This is not a separate gadget, just a tool you can use on your smart devices, to always keep up with what’s new at work, and what are your assignments for the next few days.

7. Reminder to stay hydrated

Source: vidafitness.com.au

Drinking enough water is important for you, so you can enhance your productivity. A lot of issues come from the lack of water intake during the day. Dehydration is a huge issue for your health, and you must track your drinking water, so you can be sure you are always refreshed and hydrated. Install an app on your smartphone, to remind you to take a break and drink a few sips of water. It will reset your thoughts, and make you more focused on the tasks you have.


Being productive and efficient at work is easy, but sometimes we all feel somehow off. Most of the bosses and managers will understand if it’s not your day, as long as it doesn’t last too long. But, you can use some of these recommendations to help you keep your focus on point while at work. Investing in separate gadgets is not always the best idea, knowing that you have apps that can help you turn your devices in a lot of useful tools to keep you inspired and focused.

But if you find some gadget too fancy and interesting for you, you can invest in it, without rethinking it twice. Sometimes that small device on your desk can turn you from a good to an exceptional worker in a few days. Everything is allowed, as long as you find it useful.