Is Tree Pruning Truly Important? (An Arborist Explains)


Pruning a tree can indeed make a difference in your home. It is one of the best practices to improve the aesthetic appearance, and health of your tree through maintaining, trimming and nurturing its growth.

Note that pruning isn’t just about sawing off limbs, it is a frequent maintenance program for all trees and shrubs. This article is provided by our team at Clearwater Tree Removal Services. Interested in learning more about tree care services? You can read more here.


Is Tree Pruning Necessary?

Yes, it is necessary. Pruning your tree is like having your haircut, this helps to enhance the tree’s natural shape. It encourages strong growth, maximizes its flower and fruit production.

Not only that, you can improve the tree’s health by taking off damaged limbs and cutting off wieldy tree branches which is necessary to give an aesthetic appeal to the tree. Note that one of the reasons trees were planted is to boost the appeal of a property.

Tree Pruning vs. Tree Trimming

In case you’re a homeowner, there are chances that you’ve thought of tree trimming and tree pruning before. But what are the Differences?


 What is Tree Pruning?

Pruning isn’t all about maintaining a tree. Pruning is associated with the removal of unnecessary tree branches and sometimes even roots. It might be that these branches and roots are likely dead and should be cut off from the tree.

Branches can indeed grow in the wrong direction, pushing towards electrical wires and structures. So pruning a tree helps in keeping unwanted growth in check.

What is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming will help a tree, hedges, and shrubs grow healthily. Most times property managers trim trees to make them more attractive to prospective clients. Remember that a better tree appearance simply means more visitors.


Is Tree Pruning Truly Important?

Yes, it is very important. It has been said that living near trees not only helps you live longer but happier, it comes with many great benefits. It helps shade you from the sunshine during hot summers.

1. All dead tree branches hinder its growth and health

Lots of professionals have seen this as vital. Any tree whose branches have started drooping and looking sickly may still have its dead branches unattached. When you prune these trees, you make the roots even stronger and encourage their branches to grow.


2. It prevents and treats disease

Pruning a tree can help in removing any portions that have fungi, disease, and other types of decay, which stops it from spreading to healthier branches.

3. It encourages fruit production

In case you have fruit trees, cutting off the dead and rotted limbs will encourage them to grow better because it is less vulnerable to disease. It shows that pruning also helps spurs to grow, as it can promote the growth of fruit.

4. It’s risky to have dead and overgrown branches

Remember that dead and overgrowth branches can fall off easily and can blow away during a heavy storm. And some of these branches can hang over your home and in your backyard, or even where your kids play. Not only that, it can even be more dangerous when it falls over electrical power lines.


5. It lets you see your surroundings better

As you know, this can be beneficial if you live by the mountains, a lakeside, or a place where there is a view. Also, pruning a tree can be done for aesthetic appeal, which means that you can trim your tree to compliment your environment.

Why Invest In Professional Services Vs DIY Pruning

Many homeowners fail to realize how tree appearance contributes to the aesthetic view of their property. Due to this, some of them feel that DIY tree service is a great way to save money and time. But this is not true! Let’s see investing in professional services vs DIY pruning.

The Safety

When you consider the fact that you can’t predict the direction where your tree and its branches will fall, it should give you enough reason to engage a specialist to handle the job well. This is for the safety of your family and your neighbors. It can be extremely dangerous if you’re inexperienced with trees.

The Cost

A lot of DIYs don’t have the right equipment and tools required to get tree pruning done. Also, investing in buying such equipment and tools can be very expensive for something that should be performed in emergencies. Remember that Arborists and tree service expert work on trees for a living, this makes them well prepared for this type of work.


This might appear to be relatively simple, but maintaining tree appearance and health can be very difficult for the average person. Once you don’t know how to approach dead, or dying wood without caution, it could lead you to damage your home or even get you injured. Remember that a healthy tree may not still fall the place you think it will fall.


What Happens If You Don’t Prune A Tree?

Whenever you don’t prune a tree correctly, the branches will grow too close to your windows and power lines. And once you leave it unpruned, the branches may cause damage to some area of your home.

Does Trimming A Tree Help It Grow?

Yes, when you prune those trees in your yard, it will make them very healthy, productive, and pretty. Pruning your tree will make it safe and grow better. Having better landscaping will showcase the overall beauty and look of your home and can increase its value.

How Often Should You Prune Trees?

You can prune your trees late in the winter to prevent certain diseases. This can be done between November and March. If you have oak trees, don’t prune them in April and October.

Additionally, pruning an apple tree should be done between February and April. This is because pruning during spring or summer can cause infection to increase, while pruning during early winter could negatively affect the growth of the tree the following year.

Invest in Tree Pruning to Extend the Life of Your Trees

Yes, it’s important. As you have read, pruning a tree can really make a difference in your home. Tree pruning is very necessary, that’s the reason you should invest in professional tree pruning services.

Please you shouldn’t allow your landscape to fall short of its beauty, get the right professional to care for it. It is ideal to have an arborist on board. You can be assured that these experts have the right knowledge and tree care information required for a healthy and verdant landscape.