8 Fantastic Marketing Ideas For Your Property Management Business


In the last ten years, the ways that property management companies market their services has shifted. No property management company today will last long without excellent digital marketing. If you’re interested in boosting your company’s brand online, below are some proven strategies to get the job done! And if you want more to see how a highly-regarded property management company attracts visitors, please check this link.

1. Learn Keyword Marketing

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Keyword marketing is based on keywords that potential clients use on websites such as Google. The best keyword research tool around is Google Trends. This handy tool helps find the common terms that people use to find property management companies in your area. Another useful tool is Keyword Generator.

When you have this critical information, you can incorporate those keywords on your website. Relevant keywords in your content make it stronger and better for the major search engines to find. Over time, you should get a higher website ranking, and more property management leads.

2. Find The Competition

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After you’ve handled keyword research, the next task is to uncover what the competition is up to. This will tell you what is working and what isn’t in your area. As you check out the competition, you should ask these questions:

  • What are other property management companies doing well with the search engines?
  • Are they active on major social media channels?
  • How good are their blog and site content?
  • Are they active on YouTube?
  • What kind of customers are they targeting?

Answering these questions will tell you how strong your competition is and areas you can address in your business.

3. Develop Robust Content

Source: Digital Marketing Institute

Content is everything in online marketing today. Your project management business must create top-quality, regular content for whoever you’re targeting. Your goal should be to make your company the best real estate guide around for your prospects.

To create dynamic content, try these strategies:

  • Every article or web page should deal with a problem and offer a solution.
  • Never make the content about you or your business. Instead, focus on what the target audience wants.
  • Create authoritative content by adding personalized videos using an online video editor, make it as original and informative as possible.
  • Provide your audience with as much value as possible. If they get beneficial information from you, you’ll probably get their business.

4. Create a Content Marketing Plan

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Ok, so you’re creating excellent content. But now, you need to be sure it’s visible to your target audience. You’ll make that happen with effective content marketing. Some of the best ways to get your content out there include:

  • Share valuable posts on major social media channels.
  • Get content posted on other real estate-related websites.
  • Write guest posts on websites related to property management.

Never neglect the marketing aspect of your content. After all, you can create the most mindblowing content ever, but it’s all for naught if no one finds it.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Source: Mangools

You have a great business name, solid content, and excellent customer service. But if your site isn’t optimized for the major search engines, prospects won’t find your company.

SEO or search engine optimization involves:

  • Finding the most critical keywords for the business
  • Optimizing the website for those critical keywords
  • Backlinking to your property management website

Optimizing your website means putting a few mentions of significant keyword phrases on your homepage. Next, place secondary keywords on other pages. Shoot for 1-3% keyword density in your content. If you use keywords too much, it can hurt your ranking, so don’t overdo it.

6. Website User Experience

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User metrics are critical for Google and other search engines. This means you should be closely watching many factors on your site, including:

  • How visitors interact on the website
  • How easily visitors can find what they want
  • How quickly the site loads
  • How easy it is to use on mobile devices
  • Whether it has any 404 errors
  • Whether there are broken links
  • Whether the content is unique

If you pay attention to these factors, you can improve your site’s usability, which affects its Google rank.

And don’t forget to watch your site’s bounce rate and how long people stay on the site. These are critical metrics you can see on Google Analytics.

7. Social Media

Source: Social Media Explorer

Most people use social media today, including people looking for a property management company. How much is your company on the major social media channels? If you aren’t convinced this is important, consider how many active users these sites have:

  • Facebook: 2 billion active users
  • Youtube: 1 billion active users
  • Twitter: 300 million active users
  • Linkedin: 200 million active users
  • Instagram: 400 million active users

All of the above are in the top 25 sites in the world in terms of traffic. Even if you’re not aiming for an international audience, you’ll undoubtedly have more visitors checking out your site if you’re active on social media.

And the most significant part of social media? It’s cost-effective. And note that Google keeps track of how active companies are on social media. So, social media can help you not only find new customers, but it can boost your site ranking.

In our modern online world, social media is the ideal way to engage with the public, boost your brand, and develop trust and authority.

8. Link Building

Source: Curatti

Internal and external site links help to boost your site’s ranking organically. It’s vital to remember that the quality of the links matters much more than quantity. If you have links from major, authoritative websites, this will improve your site ranking.

It’s best if backlinks to your site are natural and relevant. Years ago, you could buy links to increase their rankings, no matter the quality of those sites. Google put a stop to it by heavily penalizing companies with poor-quality links.

You can develop quality links by enhancing your brand’s authority with relevant and high-quality content, week by week.

These are only a few of the fundamental online marketing concepts that your property management company can use. They sound simple, but you can dramatically increase your site traffic and leads if you do them right.