4 Most Exciting Young Indonesian Musicians to Listen to in 2024


If you love listening to music, you might want to know some famous Indonesian musicians. You have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you about them in detail. Music lovers always want to listen to different music by different artists. If you are also a music enthusiast, you should learn about fantastic musicians living in other countries.

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Indonesian musicians are gaining popularity day by day, especially the young ones. Their music and songs are also soothing to listen to. Let’s get to know some of the fantastic young musicians in Indonesia.

4 top young Indonesian artists

1. Rizky Febian:

Source: hops.id

Rizky Febian is one of the youngest musicians who has won the hearts of many people. His first single was “ Kesemeputnaan Cinta” which was released in the year 2015. Many people admire him because of his versatile voice. He started as an ordinary singer, but after some time, he became a full-time musician. You can find all his songs online and enjoy listening to them.

2. Sheryl Sheinafia:

Source: mediaindonesia.com

Sheryl’s music journey started when he was just fourteen years old. Isn’t it surprising? She is also a well-trained guitarist and pianist. Two of his most popular singles are Sweet Talk and Kedua Kalinya. She is known for making romantic, pop, and slow music. You can check out her work on various apps and websites. We are sure you will never get bored listening to these songs.

3. Asteriska:

Source: flickr.com

Asteriska is another young artist who became successful at an early age. Her first album was released in 2015 and after that, she started gaining a lot of attention from people. You will be astonished to know that she has also sung some songs in English and French. These songs are also popular among Indonesian people.

4. Rendy Pandugo:

Source: nme.com

Rendy Pandugo is a passionate youngster who wants to become a famous musician one day. He began his career in music by randomly adding cover songs on Soundcloud. No one used to recognize his voice until he released his first single- “I Don’t Care.”, Then he also made a separate album, due to which he now comes in the list of best young Indonesian musicians. His songs will never disappoint you in any way.

The Bottom Line

Exploring the world of music is the best way to enhance your knowledge, especially if you are a music enthusiast. We hope this article helped you know some youngsters that are getting popular in the Indonesian music industry.