6 Advices on Picking the Right Lighting for Your Home


The lighting system is everything when it comes to accomplishing that perfect look for your home. Also, good lighting tends to boost the mood and feel prevailing in a house. Poor lighting tends to attract lots of attention and criticism unlike great and perfect lighting systems. You may even realize that a great lighting system tends to go unnoticed as most feel the impact of bad lighting compared to the good lighting.

There are numerous forms of lighting, which are suited for different places according to various factors. Therefore, you want to be sure of the lighting you want to pick for your home, because it is what will define the beauty, feel, and mood of your space. What is it that you put into consideration when picking your home lights? This article will give you some tips or advice that you can use to pick that perfect lighting for your home, or maybe if you decide to moving on another place you can visit Sekamoving.

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1. Concentrate on the Lights’ Functionality

The primary function of lights is to support our sight. The lights we place outside our homes mainly serve the function of boosting security. The light’s functionality should be the number one factor you look into before anything else. You want to be certain that the lights you pick will help accomplish the function it is intended for in your home or whatever setting.

For instance, it is pointless to select the beautiful plus ambient LED lighting systems and install in critical places like kitchens or study rooms, as you will not accomplish much. Cooking plus reading are made difficult with such lighting. Also, outside lights for security purposes should be bright enough to brighten your property, revealing all the hidden areas. Also, you should ensure that places such as garages and patios are well secured with innovative and perfect light fixtures.

2. Utilize Various Light Sources

The availability of multiple sources of light in rooms such as the kitchens, bedrooms plus living rooms facilitates the accomplishment of several tasks. For instance, the utilization of task lights like the beneath counter lights makes kitchen operations smooth. You can multitask and prepare your foods efficiently in a well-lit kitchen. The living can be a great go to place for relaxing and passing time reading a book. To enhance the readability of your book, you can consider adding lamps near the couch.

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3. Pick Your Bulbs Wisely

In addition to worrying about the kind of light fixture to install in your home, you ought to consider the variety of light bulbs to use in the various rooms in your home. There are several variants of light bulbs you can use in your home, comprising halogen, fluorescent, plus LED lights. They are all a great option and you can check them out at led ibond, and are great selections for home lighting.

Proper selection of the home light bulbs is important. Consider the color painting of the walls of your home. For cool colored toned walls, opt for the light bulbs, which give a warm radiance. The opposite also applies. For darker rooms, always select bulbs that produce cooler radiances to radiate dark rooms.

4. Consider Your Ceiling’s Heights

Houses’ ceilings vary from home to home. The ceilings can be way up whereas others can be close to your height. Choosing the best light fixture depending on your height is crucial since you want to avoid selecting lighting fitting, which is either extremely high or low. Some lights contain rods or restraints, which can be properly attuned.

The most ideal place in your house where ceiling heights matter is the dining room. That can be attributed to the fact that dining tables are often raised. Hence, you want to ensure that having a meal on the table is as smooth as possible. It is said that the best height of the bulb from the table’s surface is between 28 to 34 inches. Moreover, even as you consider the ceilings’ height, always ensure that you consider the bulb’s size too. Large bulbs can be installed way up the ceiling whereas small bulbs should be lower.

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5. Choose the Right Color Temperature

It is essential to pick the right color temperature that will meet your requirements and expectations. All types of lighting can come in different color temperatures that can provide a specific atmosphere to your home. For instance, if your goal is to bring the full sunlight to your rooms, you should use 4800 Kelvins. In case you plan to bring orangey light, then purchasing light of 2700 Kelvins would be a good option.

6. Don’t Forget to Consider Life Span of Lights

Making everything look wonderful is not the only thing you have to take care of. It is also essential to purchase lights that are going to be durable. DIfferent statistics confirm the life span of LED light is around 50 000 hours. That means you can use it for 8 hours a day in the next 17 years. However, these statistics do not say the full story. There are different factors that can directly influence the longevity of your light. For instance, heat dissipation of the light fitting is the number one factor you should have in mind.

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Bonus: Type of Home Lighting You Should Know

These four pieces of advice are going to help you make the right decision. However, we would like to analyze the subject even more by explaining some of the home lighting options that you can find. Of course, we are not going to explain them all, but we will focus on the most popular ones. Because of that, let’s find them out together.

Architectural Lighting

Have you ever seen floors, walls, or ceilings that contain lighting areas? The professional term for those lights is architectural fittings. However, they are a bit specific because they have a specific purpose. People use them to highlight certain designs detail of their design. For instance, if you have a wall image, you can use them for that purpose. On the other hand, they are also an excellent option for people that want to make the stairs, inside the house, more visible. That means they are also a good protective tool that can protect you from any kind of accident.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is a more practical type compared to all the others you can find on the market. People use it as an assistance for the practical side of their home. In other words, using it to improve the quality of home design would be impossible.

A good example of task lighting is strip LED lighting that people mostly have in their pantry. There are different ways of how you can use it. For instance, you can mount it on the table or build it into the ceiling or wall. However, there are also task lamps that you can use in every work situation. They can also be a good option.

Floor Lights

The name itself says a lot about this incredible type of light. Their purpose is to illuminate the ceiling and walls. In most cases, their size is not big. Despite that, they are usually more concentrated which makes them a perfect option for corridor illuminating.

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Lighting systems should be well thought out before installation. Ensure that the light fixtures are functional, multiple, wisely picked, and match the ceilings’ heights, to achieve optimal lighting.