3 Soundproofing Tips and Tricks for Living a More Peaceful Life


When it comes to a peaceful life you need quiet. This is hard to achieve especially when you are in an apartment building and when you are in a hearth of the big city.

Most of us value our time off and when we want to rest, we want peace. Now, as we already mentioned in the city core and in a big apartment building that is virtually impossible to achieve. Every one of us has that one neighbour that is in drumming, step dancing, or whatever other activity that causes a lot of ruckuses when it is needed the least. If it is the other way round, meaning if you are the one that makes a lot of noise and if your neighbours are complaining, here is what you can do to soundproof your space to keep everything according to rules. Thanks to Quiet Ninjas you can also find out about soundproofing other things if needed.

These tips and tricks will especially be good for those of you that don’t own the place and that don’t want to invest a lot and change a lot, so let’s get going!

1. Doors

Source: thisoldhouse.com

Believe it or not, doors are usually the one place that lets in and emits a lot of noise. If you want to get rid of that issue and if you want to easily soundproof doors in your home, apartment or wherever, soundproofing panels or acoustic door panels are your answer. They are not sound deadening but they will surely reduce the amount of noise coming in or out of the room so you should consider these. They are easy to put up and easy to take down and they are not that expensive as well.

2. Windows

Source: residential-acoustics.com

Windows are the next obvious thing you should address if you are trying to keep sound out or from coming into your space. Depending on the window type and its thickness you can either set soundproofing sealant around the window to minimize the sound going in given the fact that you have double glass windows. If not, the solution is to combine both soundproofing sealants around the window and add acoustical or sound deadening curtains to complete the job most effectively.

3. Walls

Source: familyhandyman.com

Now, we saved the walls for last because there are several things you can do with soundproofing the walls. You can go the expensive way where you need to tear things out and install sound-deadening materials, which is only effective if you own your home and apartment, or you can opt for foam deadening materials that can be glued or velcroid to the wall so you can take it off and move it a lot easier. Now isolating your walls is not that tough and there are plenty of ways and materials you can utilize when you own the real estate you want to isolate. This will be costly; it will take time but it will give the best results. If you are renting and if you need something to lower the noises coming in or going out, noise deadening or lowering foam mats are a great solution. You can glue them can Velcro them to the walls and easily move them around or take them when you leave.