5 Ways New Techonologies Have Changed the Automative Industry


Living without a vehicle in today’s world is impossible. Imagine how much time people would need to come from one place to another by a walk. That would mean they need to spend only 3 or 4 hours to get to their office and get back home.

Something people are not aware of is how lucky they actually are for living in the 21st century. Technology is improving every single day and it is positively influencing the complete automotive industry. The ways how companies and people now operate, maintain, and manufacture cars are way different and more beneficial thanks to the inventions that have gotten in the last 20 years.

Just as we said, many people do not even understand the way technology impacts this business field. Because of that, we decided to make a list of ways new technologies have changed the automotive industry. Let’s find out together! 

1. Pollution and Emission Levels are Becoming Lower and Lower

Source: Airclim

It is not a secret that we are living in an unhealthy environment. We often have the habit to blame others for climate changes, pollution, and other global problems. However, if we do not start to be aware of the damage we make, things are not going to change soon.

So, what is exactly happening in the world in the last 10 or 20 years? Cars and others vehicles are no longer some kind of luxury. Of course, you can find vehicles that are way too expensive, but an “average man” can afford to buy some good vehicles as well. This may be a good situation for people, but that doesn’t count for nature and the entire planet Earth. The emission of different gasses is becoming a number one problem in all parts of the world. It is not just harmful to plants and animals; it negatively influences human life as well.

Fortunately, electric vehicles are becoming one of the most popular options among vehicle lovers. Thanks to this solution, we now have the option to reduce the transportation costs for around one-third of conventional fuels. Companies are producing more and more hybrid cars and other vehicles that use alternative fuels as well. These fuels are a healthier solution and their influence on the planet earth is less harmful.

Logically, higher saving is not the only reason why this is good. By using the cars that are developed thanks to the improvement of technology, we are protecting nature. This may be the only way to leave the planet Earth healthy as much as we can for future generations.

2. Self-Driving Systems Are Now Available

Source: Richard van Hooijdonk Blog

How many times have you felt tired during a trip? Well, the good news is that technology also offers some solutions to this problem. That solution comes in the form of self-driving systems.

These systems ensure that there does not have to be a person behind the wheels. Most manufacturers use 30 or more sensors that are attached to all parts of the car. Thanks to these sensors, the system gets the price information about the surroundings of the vehicle which boosts the ability of the vehicle to control the entire procedure properly.

Let’s name a few things that automobiles can do thanks to these self-driving systems. For instance, it can detect a vehicle that travels ahead. Because of that, it can adjust the speed of the vehicle and ensure proper protection for people that are inside the vehicle. Despite that, the control system also allows the user to maneuver the vehicles. Doesn’t this seem like a comfortable solution?

There is another thing that many people will consider valuable. As you probably know, a lot of beginners have a problem with parking the vehicle they are driving. Those that are inexperienced often need more time than usual. However, these self-driving systems allow people to park the vehicle without interaction.

3. Vehicles Now Come with Augmented Reality Dashboard

Source: Driven

The augmented reality of AR technology also positively influences the entire automotive industry. A lot of modern vehicles now come with an AR dashboard that allows drivers to gain some important information. For instance, you will manage to get more information about speed, gas mileage, the weather, and many other things.

However, there is one feature that is fascinating and helps all travelers safely reach the desired location. Thanks to navigation technology, all the drivers can find the right path without even moving their eyes off the road. This ensures that there is nothing that can negatively influence their focus and concentration when driving. Imagine how safe the streets around the world would be if technology like this spreads quickly. The number of car accidents would probably reduce by 50% (or even more).

4. Safety of All People Is Improved to Another Level

Source: SPY

Okay, we will continue to talk about safety. All the modern vehicles now come with tiny cameras. These cameras are located in all parts of the vehicle and they allow the driver to see all the hidden objects that the driver could not see in most cases. Despite that, there are also tire pressure sensors as well as lane change sensors that reduce the chances of any potential car accident.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that you should allow technology to drive your vehicle completely. Technology is only there to make your driving more comfortable and humans remain responsible for everything.

5. Internet In the Vehicle Is No Longer Inaccessible

Source: Lifewire

Last but not least, a Wi-Fi connection is present in most modern vehicles. Believe it or not, in some cases, you may manage to connect 10 devices to a Wi-Fi connection inside the vehicle at the same time. This can be especially important for people that plan to travel for days to reach the desired destination. Kids, for instance, can listen to music, parents can watch movies, etc. Something like this was not impossible 10 or 15 years ago.

Final Thought

You probably understand now very well how strong the influence of technology has on the automotive industry. The good news is that innovations probably won’t stop at all, and we can expect to get some modern inventions almost every single year.

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